Drew Barrymore With Her Batik

→  October 22, 2009 36

It’s Drew Barrymore with her batik bag. Notice that very Jogjanese pattern on the bag? The exact same pattern as Jessica Alba’s batik. So far, the two beautiful Hollywood stars have shown their pride going around with batik. Should we give them nicknames like Jessica Albatik and Drew Batikmore? I know, they sound cheesy. Heard that Paris [...]

Bali Goes Hollywood

→  October 20, 2009 3

Or rather Hollywood comes to Bali? Oscar-winning Hollywood star Julia Roberts has arrived in Bali for what is expected to be a month-long filming of the Bali portion of Elizabeth Gilbert’s novel “Eat Pray Love.”Gilbert’s best-selling autobiographical recounting of her post-divorce travels in Italy, India and Bali is to become a Columbia Pictures (Sony) film starring [...]

The Return Of The Dead

→  October 15, 2009 1

AFTER STORMING THE US SUMMER MUSIC SCENE, BALINESE ROCKERS SUPERMAN IS DEAD ARE ALIVE AND WELL. MARCEL THEE REPORTS Mention punk rock, and most people are likely to think of rainbow-colored mohawks, safety pins and nose rings. It’s less likely they’ll think of Bali, the picturesque island known more for tranquility and tradition than rebellious rock. [...]

Jessica Alba And Her Batik

→  October 7, 2009 15

Just got these pictures from one reader, and another from RI-54. Enjoy this beautiful sights of Jessica Alba rockin’ her Parang-motive Batik, a Jogjanese motive my mom always wants me to wear. These pictures were taken at Step-Up’s Fourth Annual Fashion Forward Luncheon in 2004. It was almost 5 years ago, long before  we have [...]

A More Globalized Batik

→  October 7, 2009 1

By Yudha Satya, GNFI Contributor Several designers combined the exotic East with modern Europe. Apparently, Tenun Ikat and Batik raised the stage in Paris. It was raining, when famous fashion house, Dries Van Noten launched the spring summer man collection 2010 at Palais de la Bourse last June. But the show must go on! Accompanied by sexy [...]

[Updated with more pictures] Batik Now Officially Belongs To Indonesia!

→  October 3, 2009 2

First, congratulation to Indonesia! And thanks to UNESCO for making this possible for the world to acknowledge a world’s heritage from Indonesia. Long before the day of October 2, 2009 many people have actually known that Batik belongs and is part of Indonesian culture. And, this certification just made it even clearer. Not to mention the [...]

The Story Of Angklung

→  September 16, 2009 2

Forewords Angklung is a renowned musical instrument made of bamboo and its originated is West Java, Indonesia. In the early days, music played an essential part of ceremonial activities, especially in the harvest times. The sound of bamboos is believed will catch the attention of the goddess Sri – who will bring fertility to the plantation, [...]

The City Of Mind

→  August 13, 2009 3

There are times when landing at Yogyakarta’s Adisucipto airport feels as if you’re leaping onto a dinghy in the middle of a stormy ocean. The room for error is very limited. Needless to say, you’re praying hard as the plane slams on its brakes and the surprisingly short runway comes to an abrupt stop. Tumbling out [...]

A Shot At National Pride

→  August 10, 2009 0

Text by Julia Suryakusuma Looking at Indonesia today, what do we have to be proud of? Here’s one tip: not politicians! But putting our disappointing friends in the DPR to one side, I think we Indonesians actually have a lot to be proud of, even if we sometimes forget it. That’s why I enjoyed two new children’s [...]

Sandhy Sondoro Is The New Wave 2009

→  August 5, 2009 18

One more Indonesian proves it that Indonesia has just too much great things to simply overlook. Sandhy Sondoro has recently championedInternational Contest of Young Pop Singer “New Wave 2009”, the biggest international pop competition in the Eastern Europe. Curious to know more about this newborn world singer? Check out his interview exclusive on Radio PPI Dunia [...]

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