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The Biggest Satellite Over The Sky

Indonesia’s Media Nusantara Citra (MNC), the biggest media network in Southeast Asia launched IndoStar II, the biggest S-band satellite over the sky (China will have the bigger one… not in the near future). This is a true leap-frogging toward the media industry in Indonesia, as well as in the region.

Indonesia was the first to launch satellite to outerspace in Asia – that time there were only USA and Canada who had launched the same satellite earlier. I was once informed by one Thai blogger that he was taught about Asia’s first satellite when he was in his elementary school.

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Indonesian TV in Netherland

Indonesian TV in Netherland

To create a window for the Dutch to see Indonesia in their homes, Indonesia created Garuda TV that provides its subscribers with quality real-time news from Indonesia, Indonesian entertainment (movies, TV series, dances, traditional theaters, comedy, modern music, traditional music, and also the phenomenal Dangdut), unique TV shows and documentary films about Indonesian culture, cuisines, history, nature, social, sixth-sense stories, etc.

Its website www.garudatv.nl

This is truly a good mean to promote Indonesia in Europe. I heard that there’ll be more Indonesian channels in China, Korea, and Japan. MNC, Indonesia’s biggest media group, has once announced to a acquire media company in China. I am not sure, though.

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