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Munich? Frankfurt? Here GA comes!

→  October 29, 2010 1

Garuda persuaded to open route to Munich The operator of Munich airport asks Garuda Indonesia to serve Jakarta-Munich route following the state airline’s plan to fly to Germany. Floren Potsch, Marketing and Traffic Development Business Division Aviation at Munich Airport, revealed the operator had expressed this to Garuda. “We have talked to them [Garuda] to fly to Munich. [...]

At Last – On Board Visit Processing

→  October 20, 2010 1

Having visited Vietnam and Indonesia recently the most irritating part of the trip was the process I had to go through to get a visa for either country. I have to say that I reckon that visas to most countries have very little do with security and immigration but are more a very nice cash raising [...]

Flood From The Sky

→  October 19, 2010 2

Indonesia tourism industry is arguably growing. This year, number of foreign tourists visiting the archipelago nation will surpass 7 million, beating forecast of 6.7 million. Numerous airlines (some of them might be something new to you) are adding Indonesia into their new routes, in addition to already flooded aviation market. Recently, we just got information that Mihin Lanka, [...]

The Kingdom of Srivijaya and Boeing

→  October 7, 2010 2

Besides the gigantic Lion Air, Indonesia is host to many other privately-owned airlines, Batavia Air, Mandala Air, and Sriwijaya Air are 3 major airlines carry millions of passenger every year and fly both domestically and internationally. GNFI has many times posted about Lion Air, Mandala, and Batavia Air. It’s now Sriwijaya Air’s turn. Sriwijaya’s name is [...]

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