The 75th Boeing Jet Has Arrived

→  April 21, 2010 3

Boeing delivered Garuda Indonesia’s 75th Boeing jet, a Next-Generation 737-800 fitted with Blended Winglets, on April 18. Garuda Indonesia, the Southeastern Asian nation’s state-owned flag carrier, operates a fleet composed primarily of Boeing 747s and 737s. The airline plans to add another 23 737-800s in 2010 , and will be operating 42 737-800s by year-end. The airline [...]

Mandala Flies Further

→  April 16, 2010 2

Fresh from receiving its IOSA certification, Mandala Airlines has taken an important step in its ongoing development, announcing plans to commence flights to Singapore and other destinations in South-East Asia, Southern China and Australia. The plan to fly regional was a response to an upswell in demand from both business and leisure travelers. Those destinations have [...]

Lion Air And The DreamLiner

→  February 5, 2010 1

I was asked by a Canadian who was visiting Surabaya 2 weeks ago, about the biggest airline in Indonesia. Apparently, he was a big fan of airline industry. It is not so easy to define the biggest. Garuda has the biggest assets and management, and capital too; but in terms of number of passengers, Lion [...]

Flying Higher Than Most

→  February 1, 2010 1

Defying global business trends is not easy. It requires courage, planning and execution. Most of all it requires a belief in free markets and liberalization. That several Indonesian airlines are bucking global trends, posting profits while the global aviation industry is sweating blood, is proof that the country’s decision to open up the aviation industry some [...]

Indonesia’s Newest Air Taxi

→  January 8, 2010 2

SKY Aviation is pleased to introduce their Bali, Lombok and Komodo Island Air Tours. They will fly you to popular locations around central Indonesia, in the safety and comfort of their modern, advanced aircraft! See world famous sights like the Rinjani Volcano (active), the Gili Islands, Mount Rinjani (Segara Anak Lake), Moyo Island, Mount Tambora [...]

Highest-Speed Train

→  January 7, 2010 9

Few weeks ago, GNFI posted about the first ever Hydrogen High-Speed Train. Well, I just figured out in Google, that the speed of it can surpass the speed of Japan’s bullet train Shinkansen, and European speed train AGV. The $3 billion project will commence sometimes in 2011, and the train will connect Jakarta-Bandung-Cirebon, which is [...]

Lion Air To Order Wide-Bodied Aircrafts

→  January 6, 2010 2

Indonesia’s largest privately-owned carrier Lion Air plans to place an order for widebodies and wants first deliveries in 2011. Lion plans to order 10-15 widebodies and is interested in Airbus A330-300s and Boeing 777-200ERs. The carrier wants first deliveries in 2011 and plans to use the aircraft in the day on busy domestic trunk routes and [...]

Train Me, Train you

→  January 5, 2010 1

Sometimes in 2007, I went to 6 countries only in 1 month, and of course the transportation mode was by air. When it comes to traveling by air, and it gets too often, you can imagine the boredom you need to bear. My friend in Jakarta has to fly every 2 weeks to Hong Kong, [...]

In Need For Direct Flights From Europe

→  January 4, 2010 0

My Londoner friend SMS-ed 2 days ago, when he was traveling to Tunisia. He read about Bunaken in North Sulawesi, and Wayag Islands in Papua and was so willing to visit those sites. He then asked me if there is direct flight from UK to both places, which unfortunately not. Well, about Papua, I am [...]

World’s 4-Star Airline

→  December 29, 2009 1

SKYTRAX Research today confirmed that Garuda Indonesia has been Certified as a world 4-Star Airline for the 2010 ranking period. Commenting on the 4-Star Certification for Garuda Indonesia, Edward Plaisted (Skytrax CEO) said, “…this 4-Star Airline Certification is a coveted seal Quality Approval that an airline receives in recognition of its front-line Product and Service quality. [...]

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