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Where All The Planes Go?

I was somewhere in the Philippines in 2006 when I witnessed with my bare eyes that some of Philippines-based airlines (Asian Spirit airlines) used Indonesian-made CN-235. That time, i admit, i was surprised because all those while’ I’d kept on thinking that CN-235 only sold domestically inside Indonesia.

Then I started to learn that Indonesia managed to sell some of CN-235 aircraft to neighbors like Malaysia, Brunei, and Philippines. Bram, a good reader of GNFI residing in Singapore, gave me a link describing that CN-235 has been sold worldwide beyond Asian continent’s border. Here’s the list:

Military Operators


* Botswana Air Force
* Tentera Udara Diraja Brunei
* Chilean Air Force
* Colombian Air Force
* Ecuadorian Air Force
* French Air Force
* Gabonese Air Force
* Irish Air Corps (2 x CN235MP)
* Tentera Udara Diraja Malaysia (8 x CN235-220)
* Moroccan Air Force
* Pakistan Air Force (4 x CN235-220)
* Panama Airforce
* Papua New Guinea Airforce
* Royal Saudi Air Force
* South African Air Force
* South Korean Air Force (20 x CN 235)
* Thai Air Force (10 )
* TNI AU (Indonesian airforce)
* Turkish Air Force
* UAE Navy
* U.S. Coast Guard sebagai HC-144A for Medium Range Surveillance Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MRSMPA)


* South African Airforce  (1)
* UEA Airforce
* Saudi Arabian Airforce
* Botswana Airforce
* Brunei Airforce(1)
* Chilean Airforce (4 CN-235-100)

* Ecuador airforce
* Gabon airforce
*Ireland airforce(2 CN235MP)
* Colombia airforce
* South Korean Airforce(20)
* Malaysian Airforce(8 CN235-220)
* Morrocan Airforce(7)
* Pakistan Airforce(4 CN235-220)
* Panama Airforce
* Papua New Guinea Airforce
* France (19 CN235-100).
* Spain (20)
* Turkey (50 CN235-100M); (6 CN-235 ASW/ASuW MPA); (3 CN-235 MPA)
* Venezuela

Source : Absoluteastronomy.com

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Learning From Disaster

GNFI was deeply saddened by the news of Hercules crash in East Java which said to have taken more than 100 lives. I think this kind of fatality has been here and there in Indonesia, with almost the same cause: aging military transport.

Airbus Beluga

Airbus Beluga

Boeing Dreamlifter

Boeing Dreamlifter

I am sure, the next president of Indonesia will swiftly address this matter by simply acquiring new military transports, namely new Hercules planes, or even a better and long-term option, such as Antonov 255, or Airbus Beluga, or Boeing Dreamlifter. Indonesia is a very big country, need big transporters too, and we can make best use of those giant planes to carry emergency support to every corner of the world. That would also raise our image globally. As for personnel carrier, we can produce more CN 235 or CN 255 domestically.

Antonov An255

Antonov An255

A strong and committed leadership is needed here. GNFI conveys a deepest condolence for the departed souls of Hercules crash victims. May Allah place you in a better place. Amien.

Pictures taken from 1, 2, 3, dan 4.

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Aircrafts Made In Indonesia, How Are You?

If it could answer, it would say ”I am good, and getting bigger”. Why is that?
Indonesia just received an order from Qatar Airforce for PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI)’s CN-235 not so long ago. As posted in GNFI many months back, CN 235′s active clients are Philippine, Korea, UAE, Malaysia, and now Qatar.


Not only that. PTDI  also secured an order from Airfast for NC 212-400 ,  from Transwisata for NC 212-200, another CN-235 from Korean Airforce, and from Eurocopter for SuperPuma.


NC 212-400

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