Lion Air Got New Aircrafts… Again!

→  December 28, 2009 2

When Lion Air got its 1st Boeing 737-900ER, I managed to secure tickets to Makassar and Ambon. I probably was one of the first flyer of this excellent airplane. It felt different than its peer like Airbus A320. It is faster, comfier, and smoother (outside noise was reduced to minimum). Lion Air has received another [...]

Bigger Lion, Bigger Steps, Fiercer Ambition

→  December 9, 2009 2

Lion Air, Indonesia’s biggest private airline revealed it is planning to expand its international routes next year. Lion Air is considering flights to China, South Korea and Japan by mid-2010. Analysts said the move would challenge main rival PT Garuda Indonesia’s dominance in the lucrative East Asia market. Lion Air is considering flights to Beijing, Shanghai, [...]

[Weekend Edition] The Swinging Sixties

→  November 20, 2009 1

THE EARLY 1960s are considered to have been the glory days of Garuda Indonesia Airlines, with a fleet of new Electras and the hotrod of the skies, the Convair 990A, taking the carrier to Hong Kong, Rome, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris and even Canton (Guangzhou) via Phnom Penh. It was considered among the best airlines in [...]

Attention, The Turks Are Coming!

→  November 19, 2009 2

Turkish Airlines opens route to Jakarta. Yeah. Turkish Airlines introduced its flights from Istanbul to Jakarta, Indonesia starting about a month ago, September 30th, 2009. The five flights weekly will operate from Istanbul to Jakarta on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday and from Jakarta to Istanbul on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. With the [...]

Karim Raslan: My Experience onboard of Garuda Indonesia

→  November 13, 2009 1

Even though I fly a couple of times a week — and should be sick of traveling by now — I’ve never lost my childhood fascination with airplanes and airlines. (I can still remember long-departed carriers such as MSA, BOAC and Pan Am.) So when I read that Garuda was undergoing a transformation, I became [...]

A Border-Crossing Giant Bird

→  November 12, 2009 0

No one would argue when i say that Blue Bird taxi is the most reliable taxi in Indonesia. It’s not merely big, but also number one in service, comfort, and the politeness of its drivers. It now has more than 17,000 taxi fleet across the archipelago. I have been a frequent user of Blue bird [...]

Need For Speed

→  November 2, 2009 0

In the past ten years, emerging countries have considerably increased their production of cars. Although their share in world exports is still below 10%, these countries are now ready to conquer international markets, since they can produce on a large scale at very low production costs compared with the Northern standards. Given the lack of literature [...]

The Flying Dutchmen

→  October 5, 2009 1

In Suvarnabhumi Airport of Bangkok, I met some Dutchs wearing beach costumes, and we made time to sip some coffees at one small coffee shop. I encourage myself to start a chat with them, “Dudes, Bangkok is nowhere close to any beach, and people stared at your costumes since you landed.” They started to laugh [...]

Massive Railway Development For Sumatra Island

→  October 1, 2009 1

(Above: Railway over Bukit Tinggi, Sumatra.) Work on a $1.28 billion railway project in South Sumatra involving state-owned coal miner PT Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam, Indonesia’s Transpacific Group and Chinese partner may finally start in October 2009. If it proceeds, the project will mark the first time a private investor will own a controlling stake in a [...]

A Show-Off By Susi Air

→  September 29, 2009 2

Susi Air shows off new Avanti By Alan Peaford Indonesia’s largest private operator Susi Air has been on display at the static park this week, showing off the latest aircraft in its fleet – the Piaggio Avanti II. Susi Air operates from four main bases across the Indonesian archipelago. The airline and charter operator was established in [...]

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