The Champion With His Newly-Released Album

→  February 5, 2010 4

His name might not be familiar to all, but 36-year-old Sandhy Sondoro has made remarkable achievements in music, putting Indonesia on the international stage by winning New Wave 2009, a contest for young pop singers. Music has been part of Sandhy Sondoro’s life since he was a little boy. His mother was in band made up [...]

Authentic Asian Experiences: Bull Race In Madura Island, Indonesia

→  January 25, 2010 2

By Jason Tedjasukmana If you like the idea of running with the bulls in Pamplona, but risking a horn in your spleen puts you off, consider a visit to Indonesia’s Madura Island. The Karapan Sapi, or bull race, is an annual tradition on this small island off Java, attracting thousands of visitors in search of local [...]

World’s First Robotic Gamelan Orchestra Gaining Fans In The United States

→  January 25, 2010 0

Taylor Kuffner and a friend came up with the idea to build to the world’s first fully robotic gamelan orchestra. (Photos courtesy of GamelaTron) World’s First Robotic Gamelan Orchestra Gaining Fans in US What do you get when you cross a cyborg with a set of ancient Indonesian musical instruments? GamelaTron, of course. A love for music and [...]

Indonesian Fresh Face In American Music Industry

→  January 22, 2010 4

We know Anggun, now World Food Program (WFP) ambassador, has proven herself as one of world’s respected female singer. Although she only started her international career errr.., I remember it was sometimes in 1997, she had long been known as Indonesian lady rocker, dated back in the 80’s. And surprisingly, her name is still here [...]

How Many Tofu In Indonesia?

→  January 22, 2010 6

By Indrie Vijayanti – Thanks, Ms. Indrie! Although originated from China, when arrives in Indonesia the tofu becomes so popular and unique. The old soft and square tofu has changed. In my village, for instance, there is spongebob tofu. Its shape is square like the naïve Spongebob Squarepants cartoon character. Only, it is not covered by [...]

Another 1000 Year-Old Heritage

→  January 19, 2010 10

This is a very good news for everyone. Archaeologists in Indonesia have uncovered a 1,000-year-old temple that could shed light on the country’s Hindu past. The temple was found on the grounds of Yogyakarta’s Islamic University as workers probed the ground to lay foundations for a new library, and they realised the earth beneath their feet [...]

Only In Yogyakarta, Indonesia

→  January 14, 2010 5

Karim Raslan: Yogyakarta’s Biennale Jam In Yogyakarta, from the perspective of the arts, more is more. And with the recently concluded 10th Biennale: Jogja Jamming, the city once again revealed its central role in the nation’s creative imagination. Over the years, one of the biennale’s greatest strengths has been its rootedness. This is a biennale [...]

Avatar Vs Bubat War

→  December 24, 2009 1

I watched Avatar movie last night. Gosh….it was one of the best movies i’ve ever watched. Our imagination was beautifully unleashed, our eyes were softly pampered, with magnificent scene-by-scene motion. I was stuck at my seat, and realized that i hadnt even moved a bit for 2.5 hours. Bravo, James Cameron. These last month, Indonesia [...]

Introducing The Indonesian Food Onboard

→  November 24, 2009 6

My Irish friend said to me that he just took a flight Sydney – Jakarta onboard with Garuda Indonesia. And he said that he looooooooooooooooooooooooooves the onboard meal. Wanna try?

A Global Supernova

→  November 10, 2009 2

In the mid-1990s, Dewi Lestari — or more simply, Dee — was known as one-third of female musical trio RSD, which stood for its members initials and included fellow singers Rida and Sita. From their debut album, “Antara Kita” (“Between Us”) in 1995, to their final release before breaking up, “1” in 1999, the group [...]

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