[Update: Donations as of 01/01/11] 2010 Year End Charity Project: Reading Centers for Kids!

Posted on December 13th, 2010 at 12:23 pm by Ian


[Update 3: 01/01/11] As the year 2010 ended, we have collected as much as Rp495,000.00 and $60.00 donations for the project, and GNFI decided to donate along Rp300,000.00 and $30.00, making a total donations of about Rp1,578.000.00 ($1 = Rp8,700). Although the initial deadline has ended and we weren’t able to reach our dream goal of each Rp10,000.00 or $1.00 for all of our followers, GNFI decided to keep this project open for unlimited time (for anyone who wants to donate) and to donate as little as $10.00 every month.

Thank you everyone who participated, in any form, in this project! We hope our small collective efforts can give hopes of better future for children in the eastern part of Indonesia and ultimately everyone of us.

Wish you all the best this coming year!

[Update 2: 12/27/10] To date GNFI has received Rp210,000.00 and $80.00 donated to our Bank Mandiri and Paypal accounts respectively. We really appreciate your good intentions! Please keep donating to this cause generously.

[Update 1: 12/20/10] As of today we there has been Rp160,000.00 donated to our Bank Mandiri account and $30.00 to our Paypal account. Thank you for your kind hearts! Remember, GNFI will match the total donations. Please donate generously to this project and spread this good cause.


With all that has happened this past year, GNFI would like to encourage all of us to leave this year of 2010 with a good remark.

Indonesia has seen many progress and achievements in various fields. Nevertheless, there are numerous homework left to finish up to make this country a prosperous one. Thus, with all of us together, GNFI would like to create a special project for everyone to be part of.

As we know, there are still many kids in the eastern part of Indonesia who are struggling to have access to books, and reading them. And we know that literacy is the very fundamental key of a nation to strive forward. For this special project, GNFI has teamed up with Rainbow Reading Garden (RRG), a charitable organizations specifically focused on establishing reading centers for kids in rural areas of eastern Indonesia.

Their works are simply amazing. They reach out to highly geographically challenging villages so that the children can have access to reading books and wider information.

RRG has estimated that it needs around US$600 to build a reading center that can serve kids in one village. Leveraging the many GNFI readers and followers on our Twitter account, imagine how many reading centers could we possibly have?

GNFI has close to 14,000 followers on Twitter, on average 2,500 readers per month from every corner of this earth. We humbly ask that you make a small donation of either Rp10,000 or US$1 from now till December 31, 2010. If, imagine the good, everybody fulfills this year end wish, we can have approximately close to Rp140,000,000 (if all in Rupiah) or US$14,000 (if all in US$). This translate to around 22 new reading centers!

Imagine the impact in the long run if all this kids are exposed to great readings! We can discover more scientists for this country!

Having said that, GNFI will also contribute along in this project. We will match 1% of the total contribution. And we might just increase it if things are looking good.

So, please help our brothers and sisters in the eastern part of Indonesia. We know we love them, and this is one of the ways to show that we care.

How you can donate? You can either:

Make a deposit to our bank account at Bank Mandiri
Nomor Rekening: 1370005185364
Jenis Rekening: Tabungan
Atas Nama: Akhyari Hananto
Cabang: Bank Mandiri, Cab Wisma PU, Jl. Solo no. 4, Yogyakarta

*remember to make a deposit, not transfer, so that you won’t be charged for transfer fees. But if you choose to transfer it’s OK, too.


Send money to our Paypal account
Email: [email protected]


Click Donate button below

Please email to [email protected] (if you send money to our Paypal) or send SMS to 0813 3089 7146 (if you make a deposit) to confirm the donation and to separate it from Jogja and Mentawai donations with the following format:

RRG Project

God Bless Indonesia!

Warm regards,

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