Name Does Matter In Bali

→  March 9, 2010 5

If you’ve been following this blog you probably realised there are a ton of people in Bali called Made ( Ma day ), Nyoman and Putu. There’s a good reason for this. In Balinese culture if you are the first born ( male or female ) you will be called either Putu, Wayan or Nengah. [...]

A Sulawesi Tribe Using Korean Writing System ‘Hangeul’ For Their Language

→  March 6, 2010 3

When you read the title, I bet you think it doesn’t sound much of a good news from Indonesia. Why in a random world they choose Hangeul (Korean characters) to write down their ethnic language? There are thousands writing systems in the world, and hundreds of them in Indonesia alone. But, to the best of [...]

An Indonesianized Mercedes Benz

→  March 2, 2010 18

Batik has been officially recognized by UNESCO as World’s Intangile Heritage from Indonesia. I still can clearly recall, millions of Indonesians celebrated the day of the recognition by wearing Batik nationwide, and until now, I see more and more people from younger generation wearing Batik esp on Fridays. In addition to that, international public figures [...]

Batik Museum Highlights National Treasure

→  February 25, 2010 5

There is no question that batik has become synonymous with Indonesian culture. The much-lauded traditional cloth traces its origins to a noble past and has endured over the centuries, recently being designated as world heritage by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. The Danar Hadi Antique Batik Museum in Solo is a good [...]

Disney Aaron Stone’s Sweetheart Is From Indonesia

→  February 23, 2010 6

It was like fate when Tania Gunadi won a green card lottery to move from Indonesia to the United States. When she first came to the US, the first thing she noticed was the way the L.A. freeways seemed so clean and magical. New to the language she managed to learn English quickly while working [...]

Indonesia’s #1 Comic Illustrator

→  February 18, 2010 6

American comics capture the world market successfully. Superhero names of the characters are known by various age levels. To that Indonesia should be proud because one of the illustrators is one of the nation’s talent. Who is he? He is  Cristiawan Lie. Who does not know the character of the robot in the Transformers movie? In early [...]

The Easiest Language To Learn

→  February 18, 2010 8

Mark, my Oz friend, came to my hometown of Yogyakarta, Indonesia sometimes in April 2007, and wanted to learn Indonesian Language. He allocated 6-7 months to learn and speak fluently. I was surprised that he could eventually speak Indonesian language fluently only in 2.5 months. When I asked him, he simply said “Bahasa Indonesia adalah [...]

Avatar’s Flying Dragon Is From Indonesia?

→  February 17, 2010 46

Have you watched Avatar movie? One thing that amazes me is how James Cameroon displayed his imagination, especially of the plants and animals. One of the best displayed was the flying dragon, the blue and the colorful one, the Toruk Makto. It was just yesterday when we believe that a real dragon lives in Indonesia, it [...]

The Finnish Battlelore

→  February 16, 2010 4

I was surprised to received an email this morning from GNFI reader, he/she’d like me to post something about a metal band from Finland, named Battlelore. Few who know this band, as it is from somewhere in the far north, and iIam not sure if they’ve released their album internationally. What is so special about Battlelore? [...]

INDONESIA, The Rock Band

→  February 7, 2010 12

At first glance, you would have thought the band was form by a bunch of proud Indonesian boys who wanted to show off their love for their nation. Think again. The INDONESIA band is actually formed by four Russian guys: Coal (vocal, guitar), Santa (bass), Demian (guitar, soundscapes) and Charlie (drums, percussion). Myspace described them as, Indonesia – band [...]

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