The Lion King: Theatrical Triumph Inspired by Indonesian Arts

→  April 14, 2010 3

The theatrical version of Disney’s The Lion King has run continuously in New York City since its 1997 debut. Julie Taymor, the play’s director, also designed the costumes. A former student of Indonesian masked dance-drama and shadow puppetry, Taymor says these Indonesian arts influence her designs. This production broke new ground in theatrical technology, attempting to [...]

Pasar Malam Indonesia In The Netherlands

→  April 13, 2010 7

Special event report by Inoel Arifin, Netherland. Last Monday April 5th, I went to one of the biggest Indonesian event in Europe, The Pasar Malam Indonesia. This 5-day event wass organized by Indonesian government and other Indonesian companies and organizations to promote Indonesia and its cultural diversities to the Dutch/Euroasian people, especially to the youth. There were shows [...]

Ikke Nurjanah Shakes America [UPDATED with pics]

→  April 8, 2010 8

She will be the 2nd dangdut diva to perform in the US. Dangdut diva Ikke Nurjanah will be having an unforgettable month of April, as she will fly to the US to promote dangdut to locals there. American event organizer Sireedee Entertainment is inviting Ikke to the US to hold seminars about dangdut at the University of [...]

Michelle Branch’s Indonesian Branch

→  April 6, 2010 Comments Off

I am sure you know her. She is Michelle Branch. Michelle is one of those rare talents who is at the forefront of a new generation of talented female artists who write and perform their own songs. AsianConnections’ Mike Kai chatted with Michelle about her life and skyrocketing career. Mike: You spent your early years, you [...]

The Creation Of Indonesia’s First Concert Hall

→  April 6, 2010 10

The establishment of Indonesia’s first concert hall, Aula Simfonia Jakarta, marked the fulfillment of a life-long dream for prominent artistic director and principal conductor of the Jakarta Oratorio Society Dr Stephen Tong and Aula Simfonia Jakarta project director Alwi Sjaal. “When Dr. Tong came to me and said, ‘Alwi, we’re going to build a concert hall’, [...]

The Beatles “Greatest Dad”

→  March 22, 2010 4

By Samarthya Priyahita (Thanks!!) “The Tielman Brothers were the first Dutch-Indonesian band that successfully went international in the 1950s.” (Wikipedia) They were gifted and were given lots of supports from Dutch people in Netherlands. They were known most in Europe than in Indonesia, because of their existence in performing more active in Europe and had gone famous [...]

The Czechs Love ‘Laskar Pelangi’

→  March 15, 2010 6

I am, admittedly, a HUGE fan of ‘Laskar Pelangi’ tetralogy books written by Andrea Hirata and the movie versions produced by MILES FILMS. When ‘Sang Pemimpi’ opened in movie theaters, I was so excited that I flew to Indonesia from KL to catch it on the very first day! I bawled like a baby when in [...]

Name Does Matter In Bali

→  March 9, 2010 5

If you’ve been following this blog you probably realised there are a ton of people in Bali called Made ( Ma day ), Nyoman and Putu. There’s a good reason for this. In Balinese culture if you are the first born ( male or female ) you will be called either Putu, Wayan or Nengah. [...]

A Sulawesi Tribe Using Korean Writing System ‘Hangeul’ For Their Language

→  March 6, 2010 3

When you read the title, I bet you think it doesn’t sound much of a good news from Indonesia. Why in a random world they choose Hangeul (Korean characters) to write down their ethnic language? There are thousands writing systems in the world, and hundreds of them in Indonesia alone. But, to the best of [...]

An Indonesianized Mercedes Benz

→  March 2, 2010 18

Batik has been officially recognized by UNESCO as World’s Intangile Heritage from Indonesia. I still can clearly recall, millions of Indonesians celebrated the day of the recognition by wearing Batik nationwide, and until now, I see more and more people from younger generation wearing Batik esp on Fridays. In addition to that, international public figures [...]

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