Pasar Malam Indonesia In The Netherlands

Posted on April 13th, 2010 at 12:54 am by Akhyari


Special event report by Inoel Arifin, Netherland.

Last Monday April 5th, I went to one of the biggest Indonesian event in Europe, The Pasar Malam Indonesia.
This 5-day event wass organized by Indonesian government and other Indonesian companies and organizations to promote Indonesia and its cultural diversities to the Dutch/Euroasian people, especially to the youth.

There were shows from the Indonesian artist (Andre Hehanusa, Sundari Sukotjo and others), traditional dance from different part of Indonesia, and also food area where you can enjoy the diversity of Indonesian cuisines.

Why the Netherlands?

Did you know that about 1% of the 16,5 milion dutch population has Indonesian descent? The history started when the Netherlands colonized Indonesia for more than 350 years. When Indonesia became Independent the Dutch and their family were forced to leave Indonesia. Lots of them were married with local men or woman.

What about the Javanese descents in Suriname?

During the independence of Suriname lots of them choose to be a Dutch national and allowed them
to move to The Netherlands.

Indonesian community is huge in The Netherlands and even though it’s 11.500 km away, it’s not too difficult for you to find Indonesian food here. It’s just plenty of them.

Every year, this event is always packed with visitors craving for authentic Indonesian food and Indonesian traditional and modern performances.







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