When was the last time you visited Ace Hardware stores? I went to Ace Hardware store in Surabaya about 5 months ago, but I did not realize that some of the prominent hardware products sold in that store are made in Indonesia.

KRISBOW. Perhaps only few people know that KRISBOW stands for Krisnandi and Wibowo, who own the company producing Krisbow tools and machinery. The products are varied in the following list:

Adhesive And Sealant Products
Air Compressor
Automotive Equipment
Cleaning Equipment
Cutting Tools
Hand Tools
Ladder And Scaffold
Lifting Equipment
Machine Tools Accessories
Material Handling
Measuring And Testing Equipment
Painting Equipment
Pneumatic Tool
Power Tools
Safety And Protection Equipment
Security Equipment
Storage System
Welding Equipment
Wood Working Equipment

You may find ’em in any Ace Hardware stores worldwide, or other machinery stores.

Visit the home of Krisbow at http://www.krisbow.com/.

So, after Indonesia’s global fashion brands, now you know we have Indonesian-made tools to rely on when fixing your home or automobile.

Stay tune as we are proudly presenting more Indonesia’s Global Brands!