Let’s Make The Community With Mobinity

Posted on April 25th, 2010 at 1:22 am by Arroisi


Although only present at the end of last year, exactly mid-December 2009, Mobinity received well in Indonesia. In a period of four months, this locally-made portal applications have been downloaded approximately 350 thousand times.

Said Kendro Hendra, chief executive officer (CEO) InTouch, “Of the 350 thousand users who download Mobinity, currently about 50 thousand of them are active users”.

Mobinity.net, or mobile community network, an application of ODP (On Device Portal), specifically made by the developers of technology, applications and mobile solutions from Indonesia.

The content on this portal served quite varied by InTouch. Services starting from mobiFriends (client to Facebook), mobiChat (Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger), mobiGroups (Facebook Groups), mobiNews (complete access to news and photos), mobiReporter (application of citizens or a citizen journalism news), up mobiMarket (similar application classifieds in various popular portals, such as Kompas and SMS Advertising FJB Kaskus), available at affordable rates, ie, start from U.S. $ 500 per day.

In the near future, Mobinity will be presenting a new upgrade. “We will be adding features mobi Market, where the content is the cooperation of InTouch with Kaskus Market. Later, buying and selling features will be posted in the Mobinity Forums,” Kendro said.

He admitted, Mobinity not sounds too big on the market today. This, he said, due to lack of unlimited Internet service for prepaid.

“Only a few telecommunications operators that provides Internet unlimited. But, in the near future all players are ready with unlimited Internet. So, about the upcoming June we’ll begin a massive promotions,” Kendro said. “Our target, the end of this year could record one million downloads.”

Source: Mobinity.net

Popularity: 3% [?]

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