Bigger Lion, Bigger Steps, Fiercer Ambition

→  December 9, 2009 2

Lion Air, Indonesia’s biggest private airline revealed it is planning to expand its international routes next year. Lion Air is considering flights to China, South Korea and Japan by mid-2010. Analysts said the move would challenge main rival PT Garuda Indonesia’s dominance in the lucrative East Asia market. Lion Air is considering flights to Beijing, Shanghai, [...]

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough…

→  December 9, 2009 0

Indonesia is a hiker’s paradise, but sometimes it can be tough just knowing where to start. A new website aims to help you take the first step. Dan Quinn makes lists. He makes lists of things to do. He makes lists of things to buy. And he’s made a list of mountains to climb. “Without [...]

Wealthier Indonesians: Doubling The Wealth

→  December 8, 2009 0

The nation’s stock market rally helped its wealthiest tycoons double their fortunes. Investors love Indonesia these days. The country’s benchmark stock index rose 115% in local currency in the past 12 months–Asia’s second best performer behind China’s Shenzhen SE Composite. It was No. 1 as measured in U.S. dollars. Reasons include better than expected economic growth, [...]

SBY: How To Let Islam And The West Live In Harmony

→  December 8, 2009 2

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, president of Indonesia, sees tolerance-building as a central task of the 21st century The big question for 2010—and the whole century—is whether the world’s civilisations, religions and cultures will finally depart from their persistent patterns of conflict. Some predict that the rift between “Islam and the West” will widen and that a clash [...]

Another Great Indonesian

→  December 7, 2009 0

Indonesian political analyst Rizal Sukma is among the Top 100 Global Thinkers alongside US Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke and US President Barack Obama, according to Foreign Policy magazine. Rizal is honored by the magazine for “pushing a radical new view of Indonesia’s role in the world”. “Sukma is a leading theorist of the relationship between [...]

Larger Than Singapore… Finally

→  December 7, 2009 2

Aceh province`s Sabang international seaport which is now under construction is scheduled to commence operations in 2012. The project is to support the economic growth of the Sabang Free Port and Trade Area and would have a pier with a length of 423 meters. The total length of the port`s piers was 2,600 meters and [...]

Greens At Jakarta Bay

→  December 7, 2009 0

Been to Dubai? Yes…what did you see? You are right, marvelous infrastructure, I bet you managed to see the reclamated beach where new islands were developed. Indonesia, being an archipelagic country, has it all to do the same. One had been ready in Batam, now we will have it soon in Jakarta, the Capital City. Podomoro Group [...]

Lesson From Singapore

→  December 7, 2009 1

We really need to admit, Singapore has been a miracle. From a third world country to become the first, from a sleepy town to become economic powerhouse. Singapore gets global praises for its achievements in many many sectors. Enough said. I am sharing you something about Singapore, something we need to learn. Enjoy! How a Singapore-Based Exporter [...]

A Heartwarming Night

→  November 25, 2009 2

I was at a coffee shop for a cup of hot and black coffee, several weeks ago. I purposely brought the Economist magazines (<– note the ’s’), and planned to spend sometimes about the mobile phone industry in Africa, and the bubbling economy of China. Imagine, Friday evening, cozy and quiet place, good mags in [...]

Beyond The Island Of The Gods

→  November 24, 2009 6

I was so embarrassed when I met a New Zealander in Jakarta few weeks ago. He mentioned about many many places in Indonesia that I must visit. A place with no comparison. Hemmm… I forgot to write down the names, but they were alien names to me. Sorrie, Dean. To all GNFI readers all over [...]