Introducing The Indonesian Food Onboard

→  November 24, 2009 4

My Irish friend said to me that he just took a flight Sydney – Jakarta onboard with Garuda Indonesia. And he said that he looooooooooooooooooooooooooves the onboard meal. Wanna try?

Pindad’s Anoa Drawing Interests

→  November 24, 2009 5

Many months ago, GNFI posted something about many versions of made-in-Indonesia panzers. Many countries have shown their interest in purchasing this armored vehicle. Recently, Oman, Nepal, Malaysia, and some other countries bought hundreds of Anoa 6×6 panzers made by Pindad (Perindustrian Angkatan Darat / Army Industrial Wing). Malaysia has even ordered 50 more units, yet [...]

Wimax Chipset, Made In Indonesia

→  November 24, 2009 1

PT Dama Persada, an electronic industry based in Bandung, Indonesia has successfully developed it’s WiMAX chipset called XIRKA System-on-Chip. According to Adiono Trio,Director of Design chipset PT Dama Persada, the chipset is designed to compatible with WiMAX technology or broadband wireless access. This chipset can be applied both in fixed and mobile WiMAX. XIRKA’s uniqueness is [...]

Indonesian Voice In The Land Of The North

→  November 23, 2009 1

The Swedish Idol 2009 has come down to the top four last night. The one that left the “Popularity Game Show” is a lady from Indonesia, Reza Ningtyas Lindh (pictured above).  I think Sweden has missed out one unique talent. Reza has a vocal like Tina Turner, with a little more professional training, this girl [...]

Weathering The Crisis

→  November 23, 2009 5

Guest Author: Milan Zavadjil, IMF Indonesia By now it is well known that Indonesia is weathering the global financial crisis (GFC) better than most countries. This is usually explained by lower dependence on exports, as well as the stimulus provided through fiscal and monetary policies. Nonetheless, there is another reason behind Indonesia’s strong performance. Cautious policies by [...]

Here Comes A CNN Hero From Indonesia

→  November 23, 2009 1

Budi Soehardi, a former airline pilot, made the top 10 shortlist for his work with children at an orphanage he founded for East Timorese in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. Budi will receive $25,000 to continue his work. The US-based TV news network announced the results on its website,, after more than 2.75 million online [...]

[Weekend Edition] The Swinging Sixties

→  November 20, 2009 1

THE EARLY 1960s are considered to have been the glory days of Garuda Indonesia Airlines, with a fleet of new Electras and the hotrod of the skies, the Convair 990A, taking the carrier to Hong Kong, Rome, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris and even Canton (Guangzhou) via Phnom Penh. It was considered among the best airlines in [...]

[Teaser] Tallest Building In Indonesia

→  November 20, 2009 3

As informed here in GNFI, Jakarta will host at least 3 tallest building in Asia Pacific, from Jakarta Tower, Emaar Tower, and A Mile-high tower. Please read the article at the Tale of the Tallest here at GNFI. They’ll not come soon though. However, Jakarta will soon have the tallest buildings in the archipelago, passing [...]

Notting Hill Versus Ubud

→  November 19, 2009 2

In 1999 a rather enjoyable film called Notting Hill debuted amid the gloom of the Asian financial crisis. Starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, it was, as any movie lover will tell you, about a love affair between a famous actress and a timid bookseller living in the eponymous London district, famous for its grand [...]

Attention, The Turks Are Coming!

→  November 19, 2009 2

Turkish Airlines opens route to Jakarta. Yeah. Turkish Airlines introduced its flights from Istanbul to Jakarta, Indonesia starting about a month ago, September 30th, 2009. The five flights weekly will operate from Istanbul to Jakarta on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday and from Jakarta to Istanbul on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. With the [...]