The Fastest Growing Province In Indonesia

→  December 31, 2009 4

When we talk about development in eastern part of Indonesia, we only name Makassar, the capital city of South Sulawesi, as the beacon of it, and overlook other cities. I completely agree, Makassar is the largest and the most developed city in East Indonesia, however, the fastest growing city in the east is not Makassar, [...]

Bird’s Eye Views Of Changing Indonesia

→  December 30, 2009 2

Everyone loves photography, and I do too. How you take the pictures, and where, would make so much different though. Jez O’Hare, a British-born photographer has seen more of Indonesia than almost anyone else in his two decades of aerial photography. He arrived here in Indonesia in 1973 when he was only 7 years old, [...]

A Modern Heaven On Earth

→  December 29, 2009 2

… in Sentul to be specific. Sentul to me, is where Indonesia’s largest grand pix circuit is located. Not too many people know, Sentul has become one of the fastest growing area in Indonesia. It is not a place for modern building, modern settlements, tourism, and green campaign. Sentul City, world’s acknowledged developing city, is transforming this [...]

World’s 4-Star Airline

→  December 29, 2009 1

SKYTRAX Research today confirmed that Garuda Indonesia has been Certified as a world 4-Star Airline for the 2010 ranking period. Commenting on the 4-Star Certification for Garuda Indonesia, Edward Plaisted (Skytrax CEO) said, “…this 4-Star Airline Certification is a coveted seal Quality Approval that an airline receives in recognition of its front-line Product and Service quality. [...]

Makassar To Build Museum In Malaysia

→  December 29, 2009 5

By Farina Jamal, GNFI Contributor, Malaysia (a Bugis by blood) I am sure, everyone knows that Bugis people used to travel overseas, to many nations like Malaysia, Singapore, India, Madagascar, Srilanka, South Africa, and some preferred to settle there and call the new land home. I have many Singaporean and Malaysian friends whose ancestors were Bugis [...]

The Rise Of Indonesian Strategic Industries

→  December 28, 2009 2

By Cyrillus Harinowo Hadiwerdoyo (Thank you!) A few weeks ago, Indonesia’s minister of defense officiated the launching of the new Landing Platform Dock (LPD) built by PT PAL for the Indonesian Navy. It marked a new beginning for PT PAL, the largest Indonesian shipyard located in Surabaya, East Java, after having been successful in developing various [...]

Lion Air Got New Aircrafts… Again!

→  December 28, 2009 2

When Lion Air got its 1st Boeing 737-900ER, I managed to secure tickets to Makassar and Ambon. I probably was one of the first flyer of this excellent airplane. It felt different than its peer like Airbus A320. It is faster, comfier, and smoother (outside noise was reduced to minimum). Lion Air has received another [...]

More Cultural Heritage Sites Are Targeted

→  December 27, 2009 3

…as the World cultural Heritage that is. Three areas in Bali are targeted for designation as “Cultural Heritage Areas” by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2010.The three areas singled out for the recognition on the island are: the rice terraces of Jatiluwih near Tabanan; the Pakerisan river valley in Gianyar; and [...]

Avatar Vs Bubat War

→  December 24, 2009 1

I watched Avatar movie last night. Gosh….it was one of the best movies i’ve ever watched. Our imagination was beautifully unleashed, our eyes were softly pampered, with magnificent scene-by-scene motion. I was stuck at my seat, and realized that i hadnt even moved a bit for 2.5 hours. Bravo, James Cameron. These last month, Indonesia [...]

Till Debt Do Us Apart

→  December 23, 2009 2

I was in Bali for a international summit when i met some people from Latin America counties discussing about their national debts and their ability/unability to pay back. I joined the discussion to see a fellow Indonesian who talked with full spirit about Indonesia’s huge debt. I confronted her argument by saying that Indonesia is [...]