Avatar Vs Bubat War

→  December 24, 2009 1

I watched Avatar movie last night. Gosh….it was one of the best movies i’ve ever watched. Our imagination was beautifully unleashed, our eyes were softly pampered, with magnificent scene-by-scene motion. I was stuck at my seat, and realized that i hadnt even moved a bit for 2.5 hours. Bravo, James Cameron. These last month, Indonesia [...]

Till Debt Do Us Apart

→  December 23, 2009 2

I was in Bali for a international summit when i met some people from Latin America counties discussing about their national debts and their ability/unability to pay back. I joined the discussion to see a fellow Indonesian who talked with full spirit about Indonesia’s huge debt. I confronted her argument by saying that Indonesia is [...]

Indonesia’s Next Leader (Part III)

→  December 22, 2009 0

GNFI has previously shared you 2 Indonesia’s next leader, we recommended Anies Baswedan and Marty Natalegawa, based on our observation, both have capacity to lead this country. Now, let me share you the third candidate. This time, it’s a woman. This young educated lady has been on TV since few years back, and according to many [...]

Fun Facts About Indonesia

→  December 21, 2009 3

Giant Sea Creatures In Derawan, sea turtles (green, hawksbill, scarlet and star fruit turtles) come on shore at night to lay their eggs. Say It with Flowers The largest flower in the world, Rafflesia Arnoldi, is native to Indonesia. The flower was named from Sir Stamford Raffles. Even though it is huge, it doesn’t smell nice like roses [...]

Indonesian IT Industry Rising

→  December 20, 2009 0

Again, Indonesian industry has recently been listed in IT award ceremony. The awards were presented by Hitachi Industry. Hitachi Data Systems IT Inspiration Awards 2009 has five nominations. Indonesian industry was nominated in each nomination category. Telkomsel, a telecommunications company, received an award for CIO (Chief Information Officer) of The Year, credit to its Director of [...]

Indonesia In Numbers – December

→  December 17, 2009 6

7 – The number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the republic. 5,120,000 - The width of the archipelago, in meters – equivalent to the distance between Seattle and Bermuda. 1949 - The year the Dutch acknowledged Indonesia’s independence – 50 years ago this year. 60,000 - The estimated number of orangutans left in Indonesia. 88.6 - The percentage [...]

Bookings Are Strong For New Amsterdam To Bali KLM Service

→  December 17, 2009 2

KLM 835 Inaugural Flight Lands in Bali Bearing the Name “Bali, Island of Peace” On Monday evening, December 7, 2009, flight KLM 835 touched down at Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport, marking the resumption of an air bridge abandoned by KLM twelve years ago. Arriving on the first flight leading a distinguished delegation of airline officials, [...]

A Futuristic Car, “Made Of” Madura

→  December 16, 2009 3

In times to come, you’ll get used of the name, Lamborghini Madura. And do not get confused, Madura here is derived from an Island just 7 minutes away from Surabaya, Indonesia’s 2nd largest city in population. The designer of this great car sees the spirit, strength, and power of Madura’s very own culture, the Karapan [...]

Five Billion Reasons To Invest Your Money In East Kalimantan

→  December 16, 2009 3

East Kalimantan has long been known as the energy basket of Indonesia, oil, coal, gas, mineral can be easily found in this second biggest province in Indonesia. People of East Kalimantan are relatively wealthier than their Indonesian fellas in other province, due to its richness of natural resources, and small population. MEC Holdings, a Dubai-based company [...]

Indonesian Octopuses Getting Crafty With Coconut Shells

→  December 16, 2009 1

Indonesian and Australian researchers have observed veined octopuses off the coast of Indonesia using discarded coconut shells as disguises and protection. The researchers, who reported their findings in the Dec. 15 edition of the Current Biology journal, said that the use of the tools by the octopuses was surprising. “We were blown away,” biologist Mark Norman told [...]