Notting Hill Versus Ubud

→  November 19, 2009 2

In 1999 a rather enjoyable film called Notting Hill debuted amid the gloom of the Asian financial crisis. Starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, it was, as any movie lover will tell you, about a love affair between a famous actress and a timid bookseller living in the eponymous London district, famous for its grand [...]

Attention, The Turks Are Coming!

→  November 19, 2009 2

Turkish Airlines opens route to Jakarta. Yeah. Turkish Airlines introduced its flights from Istanbul to Jakarta, Indonesia starting about a month ago, September 30th, 2009. The five flights weekly will operate from Istanbul to Jakarta on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday and from Jakarta to Istanbul on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. With the [...]

Swinging To Malaysia And Singapore

→  November 16, 2009 2

(Pic above: Rigid Inflatable Boat/RIB X2K Interceptor) Indonesian-based PT Lundin Industry Invest has been producing a striking designs for speed boat both for Military and civil purpose. Malaysian and Singaporean Navy have ordered 24 units of the RIB X2K Interceptor produced by this company, which is surprisingly based in a small town called Banyuwangi…a 30 [...]

Jet-Blast In The Sky

→  November 16, 2009 7

Indonesia will soon purchase new trainer/light attack aircraft from Russia and China as part of an effort to revitalize its primary defense system. The new jets, consisting the Yak-130 from Russia and the FTC-2000 Mountain Eagle from China, would replace the squadrons of British Hawk Mk-53 jets and American OV-10 Bronco. The Air Force has 20 [...]

Karim Raslan: My Experience onboard of Garuda Indonesia

→  November 13, 2009 1

Even though I fly a couple of times a week — and should be sick of traveling by now — I’ve never lost my childhood fascination with airplanes and airlines. (I can still remember long-departed carriers such as MSA, BOAC and Pan Am.) So when I read that Garuda was undergoing a transformation, I became [...]

A Border-Crossing Giant Bird

→  November 12, 2009 0

No one would argue when i say that Blue Bird taxi is the most reliable taxi in Indonesia. It’s not merely big, but also number one in service, comfort, and the politeness of its drivers. It now has more than 17,000 taxi fleet across the archipelago. I have been a frequent user of Blue bird [...]

A Global Supernova

→  November 10, 2009 2

In the mid-1990s, Dewi Lestari — or more simply, Dee — was known as one-third of female musical trio RSD, which stood for its members initials and included fellow singers Rida and Sita. From their debut album, “Antara Kita” (“Between Us”) in 1995, to their final release before breaking up, “1” in 1999, the group [...]

Sidoarjo, Sleepy Town… No More!

→  November 10, 2009 5

Sidoarjo, a busy town 1 hour drive southwards of Surabaya, is now becoming a new beacon of Indonesia’s economic growth. Look at these cool-designed buildings. They are now being developed there in the once-known as sleepy town. Enjoy. Thanks for GNFI reader for sharing this!

The Day Surabaya Sky Was Red

→  November 9, 2009 1

Heroism has existed in Indonesia even long before the founding of the Republic of Indonesia as a unitary nation. It is proper if monuments of heroism have been set up in all areas known for their historical struggles. But the Battle of Surabaya on November 10, 1945 astonished the world. At the end of World [...]

Catching The Crooks

→  November 9, 2009 1

By MELITO SALAZAR JR. November 8, 2009, 5:26pm Here in Jakarta, Indonesia, the public is engrossed with the investigation of an alleged plot to frame Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) deputies Bibit Samad Rianto and Chandra M. Hamzah. Ari Muladi, a key witness who had earlier testified to having handed over U$540,000 to the two officers, withdrew his [...]