The Cougars Are Here

Posted on January 28th, 2010 at 11:50 am by Akhyari


Do you know the real meaning of Cougar? It means “Older woman looking for a younger man”. The EC 275-Cougar, a cool heli pictured above.

PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) and Eurocopter Directors celebrated today in Bandung the beginning of Airframe assembly for EC725/EC225 Helicopters, the latest version of the “Super Puma” family. This milestone highlights the excellent project coordination and relationship between the two teams. The first fuselage is expected to be delivered at the end of 2011.

Through this cooperation PTDI will produce Tail Boom and Fuselage for EC725/EC225 Helicopters until 2020. The production phase will start with the production of tail boom, in January 2010 and will be continued with the production of fuselage in May 2010. The first Tail Boom is expected to be delivered in October 2010, while the first Fuselage is intended to be delivered in November 2011. 6 Tail Boom units will be delivered in 2011, followed by 10 units in 2012 and then 12 units per year (one unit per month) during the remaining years until 2020.

Eurocopter chose PTDI as the main Supplier in the world for the airframe component on this family of helicopters. The work package will absorb no less than 50% of domestic share value from the manufacturing of elementary parts in more than 4000 parts and assembly of major component, in more than 500 sub-assemblies.

Eurocopter is assisting PTDI during the early stage of the cooperation (non recurring-phase) in the following areas: product planning and tooling; qualification of special processes, jigs and production facilities; certification of key production staff ; procurement planning and supply-chain management. The assistance will enhance DI capabilities to produce airframe for the most advanced transport helicopters.

PTDI signed a cooperation agreement on Airframe production with Eurocopter in the end of 2008. The cooperation is a continuation of long history of cooperation between PTDI & Eurocopter which began in 1978, when PTDI (former IPTN) began assemble SA-330 “Puma” Helicopter, then continued in 1981 with the production of airframe for AS-332 “Super Puma” MK I.

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