Things That Remind You Of Planet Pandora

→  April 5, 2010 5

What do you remember the most about AVATAR the movie? Many…of course. The animals, the hanging mountain along with the waterfalls up in the sky, the na’vi…and many more. To me, the most memorable thing is ….the glowing plants in the deep jungle of pandora. Well, actually, there are some glowing plants are found in Indonesia. [...]

Indonesia: The Latest Emerging Star

→  April 5, 2010 3

While many emerging markets have stalled out in 2010, digesting huge 2009 gains, Indonesia continues to ramp in quite methodical fashion. This despite a 87% gain last year. Certainly this has been a missed opportunity, as we should have pounced last May… or July… or September… or November. I’ll admit, both times the Market Vectors Indonesia ETF [...]

Indonesia: 6 Reasons It Is Hot

→  April 5, 2010 10

By Tom Lydon (Max Chen contributed to this article.) Indonesia picked up where it left off at the end of last year. Its exchange traded fund (ETF) continues to be a leader, ranking near the top of end-of-quarter lists. Why do so many now say that it could soon take on the BRICs? Back in 2005, Jim [...]

New Orchid Is Found

→  April 5, 2010 2

(Thanks for Angka Mustafa for sharing this) Researcher from LIPI, Destario Metusala, found a new orchid species at Kalimantan, named Dendrobium Kelamense D.Metusala, P.O’Byrne dan J.J.Wood. The orchid is from genus Dendrobium section Calcarifera which have its center population in West Indonesia, especially in Sumatra island. And from 29 known species, 20 of them are endemic. Rio stated [...]

Much BIGGER Indonesia In 2020… (Let’s Hope!)

→  April 1, 2010 4

Challenges, or perhaps demands, that Indonesia should play a more active role in the global scene have been increasingly heard lately. To such demands, it is most probably that many Indonesians have high expectation to see their country to be in the significant place of world arena. Even the ordinary person on the street would be [...]

Where All The Planes Go?

→  April 1, 2010 10

I was somewhere in the Philippines in 2006 when I witnessed with my bare eyes that some of Philippines-based airlines (Asian Spirit airlines) used Indonesian-made CN-235. That time, i admit, i was surprised because all those while’ I’d kept on thinking that CN-235 only sold domestically inside Indonesia. Then I started to learn that Indonesia managed [...]