The ‘Real’ Wonderwomen

→  April 22, 2010 0

Saving the environment, as they say, starts in the home, and for some women even a small contribution can make a difference. Ima, a 41-year-old working mother, for instance, has always taught her young children not to leave the faucet running or lights on around the house. “Most of the time, I am very, very [...]

Most Progressive Middle-Class Nation

→  April 22, 2010 1

Indonesia attracts attention because, lo and behold, it’s a front-runner when it comes to Asia’s expanding middle-class consumption. People thought Indonesia was important when it exported oil, but that supply function is nothing compared to the global attraction created by this new demand function. From WSJ story So we are told that “booming jungle outposts” are what’s generating [...]

Earth Day Special: Only In Indonesia!

→  April 22, 2010 3

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, country with the most endangered animals Indonesia boasts an estimated 667 mammal species more than any other country of which 146 are considered by the United Nations to be “threatened”. The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources lists a total of 1,104 mammal species [...]

Eco-Friendly Indonesia

→  April 22, 2010 5

While on honeymoon in Indonesia, Australian newlyweds Richard and Clair Webb decided to go somewhere truly exotic: not a luxury resort on an idyllic beach, but an eco-friendly lodge surrounded by wild orangutans. The couple found the remote Rimba Orangutan Eco Lodge, bordering Tanjung Puting National Park in south Kalimantan and a refuge of the endangered [...]

The 75th Boeing Jet Has Arrived

→  April 21, 2010 3

Boeing delivered Garuda Indonesia’s 75th Boeing jet, a Next-Generation 737-800 fitted with Blended Winglets, on April 18. Garuda Indonesia, the Southeastern Asian nation’s state-owned flag carrier, operates a fleet composed primarily of Boeing 747s and 737s. The airline plans to add another 23 737-800s in 2010 , and will be operating 42 737-800s by year-end. The airline [...]

After Darkness, Light Is born

→  April 21, 2010 2

Today, April 21st, you can find nationwide celebration of Woman Emancipation. Indonesians call it Hari Kartini. School children are normally asked to wear traditional attire today to school. This morning, a woman asked me to write about Kartini, and here we go… ____ Raden Ajeng Kartini is a hero in every sense of word. She heralded woman’s emancipation; she [...]

Comparing Indonesian And American Converse

→  April 20, 2010 3

I have received e-mails from a number of people who said, “I’m not going to buy Chucks when they start coming from China!” Well, the new ones come from Indonesia… and they seem to be doing a good job of making them. ——————————————————————————– My General Impressions: Sewing quality has improved dramatically. Even on the “American-made” Chucks, it was [...]

Pro-Audio Products Made In Indonesia Ordered In Over 21 Countries

→  April 19, 2010 12

The world of pro-audio Indonesia came under the attention of international markets. It’s proven Vby speaker’s booking transactions in the exhibition’s largest pro-audio world, Messe Frankfurt Prolight + Sound 2010, with more than $ 2 million on the first day. “Buyers come from over [...]

What Are Your Sharp-Shooting Rifles? Here Are Ours.

→  April 19, 2010 4

In a modern battle, the role of a sniper is very important to minimize the movement of enemy. Based on the immediate needs of the sniper weapons, Indonesian army tries to create and develop weapons for the sniper known as Senjata Penembak Runduk (SPR). SPR is made in 3 versions namely SPR1, SPR2, and SPR3. According [...]

A Host At Home: The Acquisition Of Carrefour

→  April 19, 2010 3

A subsidiary of the Para Group, which is chaired by powerful businessman Chairul Tanjung, has acquired a 40 percent stake in Carrefour stores in Indonesia and will add two well-known former security officials to the company’s board. The subsidiary, Trans Corp, acquired the stake from Carrefour SA, the world’s leading retailer, with an estimated value of [...]