World’s Largest Blackberry Users… Soon

Posted on July 31st, 2009 at 11:43 am by Akhyari


In 1998, after a short flight from Yogyakarta to Jakarta, I drove my friend’s car from the airport to city downtown. I can still recall clearly that the road was … quiet. Ten years later, the condition was so very much different. The road was packed, so packed, and traffic jam was common in the highway. When I drove my friend from Lebanon from airport to somewhere in North Jakarta, I complained to myself about the packed traffic, and he said to me ”Man, your country is moving very fast, You should be proud of this. Many cars on the road, because Indonesians people, Jakartan in particular, have the ability to buy them”.

Few days ago, I got a news from a friend in Indosat, that Indonesia will soon be the host of world’s biggest Blackberry users. At this moment, Blackberry users in Indonesia top 400,000 compared to 1,000,000 in USA, and around 700,000 in its hometown, Canada. Last year, the growth of the users in Indonesia reached 500%, and is believed to outnumber US really soon.

You might have a question, what is the reason behind this? Well, I’d love to say, ”Man, my country is moving very fast, we should be proud of this. Many Blackberry users, because Indonesians people have the ability to buy them, and importance of having and using them”.

One other thing that must follow suit in a fast paced technology growth is the smooth flow of information. See what’s coming next already?

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