Algeria Needs Indonesian Fishermans

→  April 19, 2010 1

The government of Algeria is to bid for Indonesian fishermen for fishing in that country, said Director General of Supervision and Control of Marine Resources and Fisheries, Aji Sularso, in Jakarta, Sunday. “Algeria does not have the ability to catch fish, they do not have the history of life as a fisherman. (Thus) untapped resources of [...]

Garuda Airlines As The Official Partner For Shanghai Expo

→  April 17, 2010 1

Office of the Ministry of Commerce pointed to Garuda Indonesia as the official airlines in the event of Expo 2010 Shanghai which is going to be held from May 1 until October 31, 2010. During the half year to become a partner delegates from Indonesia, the airline is targeting to increase passengers on its Jakarta-Shanghai route [...]

Indonesian Scientists Bring Home Gold Again at International Challenge

→  April 17, 2010 4

Indonesia’s young scientists again proved they have what it takes at the 17th International Conference for Young Scientists in Bali. Twelve members of the Indonesian delegation received medals for their presentations, repeating the success of last year, when Indonesia was the champion in Poland. Oki Novendra, from SMA No. 1 high school in Bogor, said the team [...]

Mandala Flies Further

→  April 16, 2010 2

Fresh from receiving its IOSA certification, Mandala Airlines has taken an important step in its ongoing development, announcing plans to commence flights to Singapore and other destinations in South-East Asia, Southern China and Australia. The plan to fly regional was a response to an upswell in demand from both business and leisure travelers. Those destinations have [...]

65 Million Year-Old… And Alive!

→  April 16, 2010 0

Free living coelacanth. Until 1938 the coelacanth was thought to have been extinct for over 65 million years. Then, in September of that year a fishing trawler, operating off South Africa landed a 12 kg coelacanth! In 1998 a second population was dicovered living off Indonesia, 10,000 km away. Coelacanths are a prehistoric fish and the [...]

Bienvenue, Renault

→  April 14, 2010 7

French car maker Renault SA is looking at starting production in Indonesia, while other car manufacturers plan to step up their existing operations, a government official told Reuters. Indonesia is keen to compete with Thailand as the region’s centre for car production, catering to a regional market of about half a billion increasingly affluent consumers. Investment by [...]

Indonesia: The “Apple” of Emerging Markets

→  April 14, 2010 7

If Steve Jobs were asked which country in the world most resembled Apple, he might point to Indonesia. And if Jobs had to create a global brand around this much-misunderstood country, he would most likely launch it as Apple’s new “iBRIC.” If you were to tell Jobs to ease-off the California Kool-aid, that Indonesia’s economy can’t [...]

The Lion King: Theatrical Triumph Inspired by Indonesian Arts

→  April 14, 2010 3

The theatrical version of Disney’s The Lion King has run continuously in New York City since its 1997 debut. Julie Taymor, the play’s director, also designed the costumes. A former student of Indonesian masked dance-drama and shadow puppetry, Taymor says these Indonesian arts influence her designs. This production broke new ground in theatrical technology, attempting to [...]

Wake up And Smell The Indonesian Coffee!

→  April 14, 2010 11

Reading Pandji’s tweet this morning has prompted me to write this (Thanks Bro!). He wrote, and I quote… “Gue berdoa kelak akan ada merk kafekopi Indonesia yg merajai negeri sendiri…I love Starbucks, but I’ll be even more proud of our own” Translation: I pray that one day there will be an Indonesia coffee cafe brand who ruled [...]

The Best Spices

→  April 13, 2010 4

Much of our overseas trade began with them, and as Natasha Dragun reports, Indonesia’s favorite spices pack a double punch of flavor and goodness. 1 STAR OF ANIS This pretty spice doesn’t just taste good, it looks good too. The eight-pointed pod bobs to the top of Indian curries and Indonesian desserts alike. But be warned: it’s [...]