Indonesia In 2020 – Your Thoughts Matter (Part III)

Posted on August 10th, 2009 at 11:25 am by Akhyari


Arya Lukito, Carbon Energy Expert, Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

Indonesia 2020, hmm…its difficult for me to have clear imagination on how it would looks like. Advanced ? high tech living ? Anyhow, according to my perception, Indonesia will most likely transforming itself into an advance and fast growing nation as we see many moderate improvements in the country during this recent years. I can say its not impossible for us to position our self as high as South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan in the next 11 years. Or even, we could be higher than it ? Who knows !

However, there is one main issue I like to bring up in here. I would say if Indonesian capital might be moved from Jakarta already on 2020. As we seen Jakarta condition now which I personally don’t know how to explain it by words. We need new capital city which has more stable infrastructure and stable population. It will be much better for the government operational activities especially in a place with a good infrastructure. My feeling is Surabaya could be a good candidate for this since it is considered as medium metropolitan and it has much stable infrastructure and much less populated than Jakarta.

Rinto, Student, Singapore

It will be one decade to go…The Republic of Indonesia will be free of corruption and terrorism threat. Every single Indonesian is living in the comfortable house and without worries of their safety in the country. And when you visit other country, you will find more and more products stated” MADE IN INDONESIA’’ win over  china market. With stable leadership(somebody will take over SBY, hopefully he/she is somebody who is visionary person to enable Indonesia become an art, technology, business, financial, tourism and education Empire in region and international). In Bureaucracy perspective, Indonesian won’t wait weekly to get their document approval, at that time every things are done electronically and can be very convenience even in country side. Hopefully “KEADILAN SOSIAL BAGI SELURUH RAKYAT INDONESIA” Can be achieved at 2020. Every single land will get the benefit of the huge development.

In 2020 hopefully Indonesia can become the 2022 FIFA World Cup host country that attract soccer maniacs all over the world to visit our nation and see how fast Indonesia are growing and how good is Indonesian. Indonesian will much more contribution in worldwide achievement.


Michele Marcolini, Tour Guide, Florence (Italy)

I heard about the bombing in Jakarta while my friends were already onboard of Emirates to Jakarta.  I never have any doubt in Indonesia to fight terrorism, so I have decided to go to Bali and Lombok this October 2009 with my wife and my little baby. Several days ago there was a good and (always) positive outlook on Indonesia’s economy in Bloomberg Channel, in which I found that Indonesia will be the major power in Asia by 2030. When someone talks about Asia, there’s only two things crossing my mind, one is the Chinese, second is noodle. And I am so much convinced that in 2020, Indonesia will instantly cross my mind when someone talks  about Asia. It is something the world has to deal with.

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