My Londoner friend SMS-ed 2 days ago, when he was traveling to Tunisia. He read about Bunaken in North Sulawesi, and Wayag Islands in Papua and was so willing to visit those sites. He then asked me if there is direct flight from UK to both places, which unfortunately not. Well, about Papua, I am pretty sure it swill till take more time to obtain ‘trust’ from European airlines (or Garuda Indonesia) to schedule direct flights there, but Manado (Bunaken’s closest city) deserves a serious thought. And GNFI really recommends this. This recommendation is being made in order to increase tourism visits to Indonesia, beyond Bali. We believe that the strong desire among Europeans to visit Indonesia is currently being thwarted by the lack of direct flights.

We need to underline the importance of European travelers to Indonesia’s economy given their higher rate of relative daily spending and length of stay of between one week and one month. First, they (the Europeans) come form long distances. If someone flies a long distance they tend to stay longer at the destination. What do you say , Mr. Transportation Minister?

In case you wonder why Papua, check out its beauty of nature!