What Do You Know About Indonesia Pavilion In Shanghai’s Expo World 2010?

Posted on June 15th, 2010 at 1:44 pm by Arroisi


Indonesia attended the expo world in Shanghai, China. Every nation got each pavilion so did Indonesia. Indonesia’s theme at this expo was called biodiversity city. Bamboo waterfall marked Indonesia Pavilion. The pavilion was designed on 4000 square meters area and located within zone B of the expo site.

The exterior of the Indonesia Pavilion is covered with greenish bamboo sticks and some bamboo grows out of the pavilion ceiling. With a special fiber that is strong and breathes well, bamboo has long been favored as a construction material. The use of bamboo for the Indonesia Pavilion symbolizes the synergy between the traditional and contemporary lifestyle of Indonesia.

Indonesia Pavilion included four sections :

1. Waterfall

A 600-meter passageway runs through the whole pavilion. A high waterfall will be created in the middle of the building, creating a unique view in the pavilion. Water falls in different forms, and the small drops fall like countless dazzling pearls. Visitors’ view of the waterfall will change as they go upwards along the passageway.

2. Traditional Food

The Indonesian restaurant is undoubtedly a world of pleasure for the culinary adventurer. At the restaurant, one can try traditional Indonesian food, including Satay and Nasi Kuning, while enjoying Indonesian singing and dancing.

3.  Sweet Music

The audio exhibition area on the pavilion’s second floor displays seven musical instruments, including the guitar, Chinese Erhu and traditional Indonesian percussion instruments. Professional bands will also perform there. Visitors will have the opportunity to play the exhibited musical instruments to create their own music.

4.  Sculpture of Zheng He

Zheng He, the Chinese explorer who made seven voyages to the Western Ocean, initiated the bilateral diplomatic relationship between China and Indonesia. To commemorate this history, the pavilion recreates the scene of “The Great Voyages of Zheng He” by erecting a three-meter sculpture of Zheng He and a traditional Indonesian ship on the second floor of the pavilion.

And at 1st June, 1 million visitors had visited Indonesia Pavilion. Trade Minister Mari Elka Pangestu had a target that Indonesia Pavilion will be visited by 6 million visitors at expo world this year. And travelpod mentioned that Indonesia had great pavilion at Shanghai’s expo world 2010.

Here’s the video about Indonesia Pavilion in Shanghai’s expo world, China.

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