Jeffrey Sachs Over Indonesia

→  September 16, 2009 3

“It is not fair to compare Indonesia with it’s neighboring countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, or any other country in the world in that case. Indonesia has changed from a totally centralized country to a decentralized country virtually overnight. Indonesia has changed from a Dictatorship to a Democracy virtually overnight. Indonesia has changed to [...]

We Are Dangerously Beautiful

→  September 15, 2009 4

I was driving with my friends from Leicester to London when I found the coldness could no longer be tolerated, and we decided to stop by local coffee shop, A Tower1 coffee. A-GBP-6-cup of coffee finally helped us ease the extreme coldness, before I realized that there was a small yellow sticker on the cash [...]

Indonesia In 2020 – Your Thoughts Matter (Part V)

→  August 21, 2009 2

Bram Adimas W, Indonesian Student, Singapore Actually I do not expect many changes to take place between 2009 and 2020 as the duration is very short for major developments. But, who knows what might happen? Some of my visions about the country in 2020 are: -to achieve the Indonesia Sehat 2010 (Healthy Indonesia 2010) programme -to achieve the [...]

GNFI’s Independence Day Message

→  August 18, 2009 0

It has been really tough days for me here; planning my trip back to Indonesia has never been this complicated and tight. I am currently at Changi Airport Terminal 1, waiting for Valuair to fly me back to my home town. It was a long line in the check-point counter, most of them were foreigners [...]

64th Anniversary of Republic of Indonesia

→  August 16, 2009 5

The entire family of GNFI Network truly wishes that Indonesia becomes a multi-dimensionally better nation. We will always stand by its side and do our best to make it shine. Let’s unite, Indonesia!

Indonesia In 2020 – Your Thoughts Matter (Part IV)

→  August 14, 2009 3

Yulfikar Yurnaidi, Student, Yogyakarta (Indonesia) Indonesia in 2020? Well, to imagine a country in 10 years to come, let’s see what 10 years before tells us. In 1999, Indonesia just barely recovered from its financial disaster, struggling with political instability and security problem. It was kind of difficult to imagine Indonesia present days with [...]

GNFI Is In Okezone!

→  August 12, 2009 8

When it was started in March 2008, GNFI was only a small blog. It was really a small blog.  There was only two people who were involved in this, one is myself, another is a friend from Malaysia. I posted 1-2 articles in 3-4 days. When I was away, I asked my friend from Malaysia [...]

Indonesia In 2020 – Your Thoughts Matter (Part III)

→  August 10, 2009 2

Arya Lukito, Carbon Energy Expert, Phnom Penh (Cambodia) Indonesia 2020, hmm…its difficult for me to have clear imagination on how it would looks like. Advanced ? high tech living ? Anyhow, according to my perception, Indonesia will most likely transforming itself into an advance and fast growing nation as we see many moderate improvements in the [...]

Indonesia In 2020 – Your Thoughts Matter (Part II)

→  August 7, 2009 2

Another 3 opinions have been selected to be published here. We got Mr. Ljubomir Stajic from San Francisco, Mr. Fauzi from Jakarta (am I right), and Mr. Agus in Melbourne. Each has his own uniqueness. Give your thoughts, send your opinion to [email protected]. Let your thoughts be read by thousands of people, beyond your borders. Ljubomir [...]

Indonesia In 2020 – Your Thoughts Matter

→  August 4, 2009 1

These 3 opinions have been selected for GNFI posting. Anyone interested in giving your thoughts on Indonesia In 2020, feel free to send your opinion to [email protected] or leave comment to this post. Dito Hendarto, Student, London (United Kingdom) Indonesia, as one a country with the 4th largest population in the world, definitely has competitive advantages in the [...]

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