Indonesia In 2020 – Your Thoughts Matter (Part II)

Posted on August 7th, 2009 at 2:20 am by Akhyari


Another 3 opinions have been selected to be published here. We got Mr. Ljubomir Stajic from San Francisco, Mr. Fauzi from Jakarta (am I right), and Mr. Agus in Melbourne. Each has his own uniqueness. Give your thoughts, send your opinion to [email protected]. Let your thoughts be read by thousands of people, beyond your borders.

Ljubomir Stajic, Lecturer, San Francisco (USA)

While it is very difficult to predict what will happen in the next 10 years, we can certainly hope that Indonesia will continue to grow economically, socially, and politically. Ten years is a long time. Who would have guest in 1999 that China was on a track to becoming the world leader that it is today. Indonesia has come a long way since  the economic collapse of 1997.

I can not even begin to image the things that might change in the next 10 years. However, as a person that loves Indonesia, I hope that Indonesia will continues to grow the way it has been growing in the last few years and that by 2020 the country will realize its fundamental goal of reducing poverty.

I’ve visited Indonesia 5 times. Every time I went, I left Indonesia with a great sadness in my heart for not being able to stay longer. I also couldn’t help but feel a tremendous joy that the dream of every Indonesian is slowly coming to reality.

I know that Indonesia is technically still a developing country. However, judging by it’s current development, I know that this will soon change. The potential that Indonesia has been sitting on for so many years will soon become reality. Long live Indonesia!

Fauzi JS, Graphic Designer, Jakarta (Indonesia)

I see Indonesia in 2020 as a famous and important country. Indonesia will have some kind of cool landmarks (yea MONAS is not that cool to represent this beautiful Indonesia haha!).

Indonesia will have well-planned cities to be the new capital city, maybe in Borneo, Sulawesi or even Papua. You know, Jakarta is “too busy” to be the capital city. The tourism destinations in the Eastern Indonesia will be way more attractive (but still no place will beat Bali for sure :D ).

Komodo Nat’l Park will be one of the New7Wonders of course hoho, so Indonesia will become more and more famous. Indonesia will be in the top 15 tourism destinations in the world, while neighboring countries will be going down because of the political instability and other reasons :-D I ain’t hoping that actually haha… I hope Indonesia and our neighbors will cooperate in many ways.

Indonesia will be the most important country along with China and India in Asia. While Rupiah always strengthens from time to time.
From the education angle, the 12 compulsory years of schooling will be totally free in charge. While the top universities will be the top in Asia as well (now some are already in Top 20 in Asia).

This is not exaggerating.  I am feeling so optimistic that Indonesia will be like what I always dream. I’m really proud of being an Indonesian, and I can’t wait to see the great advancement of Indonesia in 2020.

Agustinus Triyanto, Student, Melbourne (Australia)

  • Politically Indonesia is a stable nation and democratically, it is a beacon of light.
  • Economically, Indonesia is one of the world G15. Indonesia is one of Asia Pacific’s G5.
  • It is a country where Islam and democracy can get along.
  • It is a country where people of different religions and beliefs, races and colours share happiness, love, peace and wisdom.
  • It is a country where spirituality is within and personal.
  • It is a nation where Indigo and Crystal Children are protected and honoured.
  • It is a nation where women’s roles are equal to those of men. It is a nation where Srikandi and Arjuna are equal.
  • It is a nation with more and more women the calibre of Sri Mulyani and Mari Eka Pangestu.
  • It is a country where its cities and towns are green. Many of them have boulevards designated for pedestrians. Public transports are environmentally friendly thanks to the initiatives of the leaders and the general public a decade earlier.
  • It is a country whose citizens are environmentally friendly, where protected species can roam in their habitats freely.
  • It is one of the Top Ten countries in the world in tourism. Tourists come to Indonesia to enjoy its rich and diverse cultures, its people’s warmth and friendliness, and its natural beauty, which are un-paralled.
  • It is a country where a political, economic, social and cultural balance is a model for other countries.
  • It is a nation which prides itself on its sophisticated technology. Those Indonesian students who have championed in many Physics, Biology and Math Olympics in international and regional championships have been developing sophisticated technology.
  • It is a nation that has a powerful and strong defense system.
  • It is a country where arts and culture flourish, and creativity is nourished. There are many artists the calibre of Anggun.
  • It is a country where opportunities abound.
  • It is one of the greatest nations on earth.

Got something in mind about Indonesia In 2020? Blast us and the world with your might-come-true thoughts now! Be sure they be read by thousands of people.

Your thoughts matter!

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