Yulfikar Yurnaidi, Student, Yogyakarta (Indonesia)

Indonesia in 2020? Well, to imagine a country in 10 years to come, let’s see what 10 years before tells us. In 1999, Indonesia just barely recovered from its financial disaster, struggling with political instability and security problem. It was kind of difficult to imagine Indonesia present days with appraisal here and there. So it will also be difficult to imagine the future of  Indonesia. Nevertheless, subtle hints are everywhere. One thing for sure, it will be awesome and breath-taking. Just see how our elite politicians accept the election’s result without further ado. No anarchy, no groundless protest, no resentment. Or see how our economic growth starts exceeding the predictions. You will find more and more hints on GNFI websites.

But the most interesting and unpredictable thing is the nowadays youngster. Yes, those sprout who will grow and shape the garden of Indonesia. For present generation, 2020 will be the future they always dream about. But for them, it will be the first step towards their own paths and dreams of their own future. Indonesia 2020 will be an era where everyone is motivated to do something for their country, no matter how small it is. What, when, where and how become no more the question here. It’s all about the spirit. Those Indonesia-branded brains who wander and nurture themselves around the world will move as one with the ones who develop Indonesia from inside. For your record, Indonesia ALWAYS has the potential to become a big nation. The problem is that it is not fully utilized yet considering the real conditions. But Indonesia 2020 will provide it all. And those nowadays youngster will become the front guard of their own fields. Equipped with unwavering nationalism and personal skill, they are ready to realize their dreams. And from there, the golden age of Indonesia will start.

Kenji San, Aviation Student, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

With huge current development and many more to come, people will see The Real Indonesia with dilated eyes. These powers emerged during the last few years from the country that had been gone through global crisises. The “bitter lessons and experiences” made Indonesia learn everything about how to survive and move forward, seems like immune system through body, I’d say. And this is the real power of Indonesia. Finally in the year of 2020 we wouldn’t hear where-is-Indonesia-from-Bali-type-of-question anymore, because everyone on every corner of earth will know Indonesia very well. And Indonesians, will be more understand how to have a good living in their beloved country as well, peacefully.

Augusto Neves, Teacher, Sao Paolo (Brazil)

I am sure, Indonesians have long been taught that they lived in “the country of the future”. With its vast territory, natural resources and economic potential, its people were led to believe that Indonesia had a guaranteed place as one of the world’s leading countries.

I have been to Indonesia for few times, and I found that the promise of a bright future has not come fully. My country, Brazil, is one of the economic mammoth in Latin America, probably will soon in the world alongside with China, India, and Russia. In recent issue, Morgan Stanley has delivered their confidence that Indonesia should be included in that new elite group. In 2020, with this current pace and stability, Indonesia will be inevitably one of major world power with strong economy and political influence. Indonesia  is nicely located between two Asian giants, China, India, and i think they’ll never leave Indonesia behind, as one of their mean to add to their already high growth. In 2020, Indonesia will overtake India as world’s 2nd fastest growing country after China.

For now, please please invest more in education and infrastructure. Currently, Brazil’s GDP is $1.8 trillion, while Indonesia is $0.98 trillion…not too far, considering that your economic outlook is always positive. I think, your aircraft industry should be reactivated, just like Brazil’s Embraer.

Be vigilant of your competitors. Come visit Brazil one day, Mr. Akhyari.