Indonesia In 2020 – Your Thoughts Matter

Posted on August 4th, 2009 at 4:57 am by Akhyari


These 3 opinions have been selected for GNFI posting. Anyone interested in giving your thoughts on Indonesia In 2020, feel free to send your opinion to [email protected] or leave comment to this post.

Dito Hendarto, Student, London (United Kingdom)

Indonesia, as one a country with the 4th largest population in the world, definitely has competitive advantages in the world.  Indonesia is the big market for almost every product. The local Market is so big, that the money circulation within the country can keep Indonesia away from Global Crisis, that has been happening in almost every country in the world, including Indonesia’ neighbor countries such as Singapore and Malaysia for the last 10 years.

This factor with the combination of natural resources has enabled the economic of Indonesia to grow positively from 2009 to 2019. Investors are now having high confidence in putting more investment in Indonesia. Consequently, Indonesian currency becomes stronger and Indonesian Stock exchange is still lying to highest point.  I can see clearly, that in 2002, Indonesia is considered as one of strongest country in Asia along with China, and India.

Another critical factor for Indonesia that boasted the economy is the technology capability. Indonesia has successfully launched the first satellite into orbit in 2014. Not only rocket, Indonesian scientists have developed high quality electronic products such as hand phones, Computers, TV, and other high-tech products. Well known electronic producers like Samsung, and Sony now have to compete with the electronic product from Indonesia which have been global key player.

Georgiana Ata Jane Michaella, Student, Singapore (Singapore)

When asked about what Indonesia will look like in 11 years to come, my brain is overwhelmed with ideas I got from watching TVs, watching cartoon movies, flying car, robotic things everywhere, and all the hi-tech things. But that might be for my own illusion, coz it seems too far away to reach that.

While in 2020, I think of Indonesia being a developed country (well, now we are a developing-country). I have no idea why we are lagging behind Japan or Singapore even we do have everything needed to be as developed as them.  A much stronger currency, no more bombs, all Indonesians everywhere on earth are proud to be Indonesians, that’s what I see in 2020.

I have no too-good-to-be-true dream for Indonesia, by making it a country everyone can proud of.

I do love Indonesia, and i am so very proud to be an Indonesian citizen. I wanna marry Indonesian too, even i have been living abroad for many years.

Olaf Bergen, Marketing Manager, Oslo (Norway)

I’ve never been to Indonesia, but came to know from your blog and  I eventually become a loyal reader. Indonesia cannot be stopped to become major world’s power in 2020 and will become stronger in 2050. A friend of mine who just came back from Java said that the people there are very much friendlier than any other people on earth. That is truly a very good resources. Economically, Indonesia should really liberalize more, and attract more investors. China did it ! India? You can easily overrun them. Trust me on this… If you need to find Indonesia in 2020, find it up there in the sky.


Thank you guys, your thoughts really matter!

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