Indonesia’s Global Brand (Part 19: Fire Extinguisher)

Posted on December 20th, 2010 at 9:53 am by Akhyari


When someone mentioned about fire extinguisher product, two brand names will be instantly flashing trough your mind, they are Dupont, and 3M. Now, make it three. Indonesia’s very own fire extinguisher product brand called Hartindo has been rapidly chasing those big two and many consider that it’s going to be the next Dupont or 3M.

PT Hartindo Chemicama Industri is a fast growing company with strong technological base in the area of fire protection and fire suppression chemical. All Hartindo products are self-invention, patented and trademed of which earlier were the production of Hart Industries Ltd, England which is wholly owned by the inventor.

With the return of the inventor to Indonesia in 1992, PT Hartindo Chemicama Industri was then established itself as the leader both in fire engineering and installation and is and techn0logical center for Indonesia State-owned Enterprises and many private industries. All State-owned Enterprises in Indonesia use this product.

Hartindo AF31Hartindo AF11

PT Hartino was also given full authority to conduct aerial bombing during bad forest fire in Indonesia several years ago, using their latest state-of-the art Forest Fire Supression media, Hartindo AF31. In 40 days of operation, they succcessfully extingushed fire in all targeted areas, and also assisted other teams from various countries.

Riau Forest Fire (photo from

PT Hatrindo established an associated company in Malaysia called Newstar Chemical Sdn Bhd, and PT Sanindo Perkasa Abadi in Surabaya.

Its production range are:

  • Hartindo AF11E Drop in Replacement of Halon for both portable and fixed system
  • Hartindo AF21 – Fire inhibitor media
  • Hartindo AF31 – Fire extinguishing / inhibitor media for fire extinguisher and forest fire

Companies in more than 30 countries worldwide use Hartindo as their fire extinguishing system, making it world’s big 3 in fire extinguisher industry along with Dupont and 3M.

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