Bridging China-Indonesia

Posted on June 9th, 2009 at 3:45 pm by Akhyari


It is almost inevitable for anyone elsewhere in the world to put more attention to Asia’s fastest growing power, which is China. Many countries in Latin America and the Oceania had turned down their political support for Taiwan, instead they open their arms much wider for China’s coming. I would say that it is only a matter of time that Taiwan will be something like Hongkong and Macau, an autonomous region, soon.

What about USA? ”Hmm… don’t worry about them”, says any given Chinese. China is the US’s biggest bond buyer, means that the US owes $900 billion from China. Imagine if China liquidates all the bonds… (just imagine, becauseI will not elaborate hehehe).

What about Indonesia? I think I do not need to share you about how close Indonesia to China is. China is the 2nd biggest investors in Indonesia, and China is also one of Indonesia’s main export destination for many commodities and energy. We are CLOSE, enough said.

You must be wondering why the heaven that airplane is hanging at the head of this writing. Simple, as part of China’s commitment to boost economic potentials with Indonesia, Hainan Airlines, China’s largest and most respected private airlines, has drawn a massive plan to bridge cities in China to cities in Indonesia.

As the first step, they plan to serve direct flights Beijing-Jakarta, Shanghai-Jakarta, Beijing-Denpasar, Shanghai – Denpasar, Beijing-Yogyakarta, and Shanghai-Yogyakarta.

It’s a giant step, indeed! I dream someday there’ll be direct flight from Moscow to Yogyakarta, my hometown.

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