Indonesia In 2020 – Your Thoughts Matter (Part V)

Posted on August 21st, 2009 at 3:55 am by Akhyari


Bram Adimas W, Indonesian Student, Singapore

Actually I do not expect many changes to take place between 2009 and 2020 as the duration is very short for major developments. But, who knows what might happen? Some of my visions about the country in 2020 are:

-to achieve the Indonesia Sehat 2010 (Healthy Indonesia 2010) programme
-to achieve the eight MDG goals
-more development in the rural areas
-stable food supply, not just rice supply
-better health, education, communication and transport services; at least one of the best in Southeast Asia

Of course, 2020 is the time for new faces to take over the country. With SBY’s victory in recent presidential election, it is predicted that there will be new faces coming in the 2014 election. I am also hoping that the economy will grow between 7 – 8% by then. The most important thing, Indonesia should be able to clinch back its position in sports, academic and hopefully the national soccer team could make it to the World Cup by 2018. We all hope for the better Indonesia.

Charles Marantyn, Indonesian Student, Singapore

Things are looking bright for Indonesia now, and definitely brighter, in 2020.

First thing, I am convinced that Indonesia will join the ranking of the BRIC as it will emerge as a powerhouse in Asia, especially Southeast Asia. By then, it is possible to say that Indonesia would have established a strong or at least, balanced economic blueprint, looking at the progress Indonesia has made at decentralization and regional autonomies, etc.

In 2020, Indonesia will be a dynamic democracy whereby youths will be a large majority in the national workforce. This is good news because, creative industry will sprout in Indonesia, and talents that we are getting overseas right now, will be used effectively by then. This will project Indonesia as a great market with a large pool of skilled individuals making Indonesia THE hub to go to.

In 2020, possibly the best thing that is going to happen is that, Indonesia will be world renowned, possibly going from a misunderstood nation, to a nation where everyone is aware of. Bali will not be the only gateway to Indonesia by then, as other tourist attractions in Indonesia will flourish.

Socially and culturally, as any other nation experiencing growth economically, a homogeneous society will be born, one that is materialistic and urbanized, Indonesia is no exception, although, not necessarily westernized in our case. I am guessing (or hoping), nationalism will still be a strong element as it has always been in the hearts of Indonesians.

And possibly my odd-assumption will be, Indonesia will be a green nation by 2020, if the current green-roadmap is improved annually. It is a factor that most of people overlook, but something that is definitely growing in trend and Indonesia is striving for (ironic, looking on the amount of greenery we have).

One thing I am sure of though,  if Indonesia was once a Tiger, in 2020, it will be the Beast.

Ahmad Abijan, IT Engineer, Surabaya (Indonesia)

I am not really sure, but i think Indonesia will someday outperform India in term of stability, growth, and international image. India is in good condition now, but considering the huge population, poverty, and radicalism, I think it is still a very long way to go to prosperity.

Indonesia, has everything in natural resources, and india does not. And this will create a great jump for indonesia’s prosperity in 2020. I wish all the best for Indonesia.

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