Indonesia Readies Home-Made Commercial Airplane

→  May 6, 2010 2

PT Indonesian Aerospace (PT IAe) will be busy developing two newly designed aircraft namely CN-235 NextGeneration(NG), and Amphibi SeaStar, and will invest many millions of dollar for this purpose. The CN 235NG will be developed mainly for commerial market with 45-50 passenger seats, and to fill domestic air travel demand. PT IAe will also continue to [...]

She Belongs To The World Now

→  May 5, 2010 12

Someone sms-ed me this morning from Jakarta (thanks, bro!), he said that Indonesia’s finance minister, Ms. Sri Mulyani had been appointed as Managing Director of World Bank. I followed the news until just now, and eventually the president gave approval. I understand that this has brought waves of twitter messages, along the the pros and contras. [...]

TIWULE Vs atracTable

→  May 5, 2010 4

Sony is ready to release a new product that will compete with Microsoft Surface. The product is called ‘atracTable‘, a computer device that can eliminate the dependence of human to mouse and keyboard. Users can directly interact with the computer by touching the screen. This product can detect the arms, fingers and body movements. There [...]

Indonesia’s In A Very Good Position

→  May 5, 2010 8

Chart of the Week – Indonesia’s Good Position in BEI Index, BusinessEconomy, IDX, Indonesia Shares, Indonesia Stock Market. Indonesia’s favorable demographics, natural resources and relatively stable political environment have set up the country for what could be a very strong decade of growth. Indonesia’s economy doubled in the past five years and GDP growth was faster than [...]

One Of Indonesia’s Finest Sons

→  May 4, 2010 1

Hadi Soesastro, 1945-2010 Many, many people throughout Asia and the Pacific will be saddened to learn that Dr Hadi Soesastro died at 5am Jakarta time this morning (4 May 2010). Last Friday was his 65th birthday. Hadi was the inspiration of much that is good in Indonesia’s policies towards her neighbours in the region and in [...]

Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 2:Tools and Machinery)

→  May 4, 2010 7

When was the last time you visited Ace Hardware stores? I went to Ace Hardware store in Surabaya about 5 months ago, but I did not realize that some of the prominent hardware products sold in that store are made in Indonesia. KRISBOW. Perhaps only few people know that KRISBOW stands for Krisnandi and Wibowo, who [...]

This Very Young Professor Is Indonesian

→  May 3, 2010 5

Indonesia has arguably very large and potential human resources; one of them even gets achievement as America’s youngest professor. Prof. Nelson Tansu, Ph.D. is a native Indonesian. Nelson Tansu is the second child of Iskandar Tansu and Lily Ow who are domiciled in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Nelson Tansu’s achievements have been recognized internationally. The man [...]