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Posted on November 2nd, 2009 at 10:09 am by Akhyari


I have been wondering, when did my most fave Malaysian guy, Mr Karim Raslan, moved to Indonesia. I didn’t find any answer. All I know is he is now based in Jakarta, and sometimes in Bali. The Strait Times (Singapore) made an interview with him, and was told of his reasons. I quoted from the article a bit.
Why then have you based yourself in Indonesia?
We’re so used to it being the sick man of Asia. But what emerged from from the financial crisis is the importance of critical mass and size. Indonesia has that, and investors are realizing that they have to be there for future growth.
For example, Research In Motion (RIM), which produces the Blackberry, has come under a lot of fire in Indonesia, because it tried to distribute its product without service centres there. The Indonesian govt has said :”No, you open proper service centers here. Why should we have our instruments serviced in Singapore?”. It is also saying to its citizens : “Hey, you, why are (you companies) listed on Singapore’s stock exchange when you are Indonesian?”
So, it’s an economic power shift?
A political and diplomatic one too. Look at the G-20. Indonesia is now there on its own account. You know how Singapore has used its ability to speak for ASEAN in Washington as part of its diplomatic leverage? That’s going. Totally.
How so?
The relation between Jakarta and Washington is going to be direct, with now Singapore and Malaysia secondary. Indonesia is the U.S.’s big, strategic (prize),.. and big of resources.
Source: The Strait Times
Here’s the complete interview.
Thanks, Ed, for sharing!

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