Indonesia to Lead the World Emergency Communications Exercise

→  May 13, 2010 2

Indonesian Amateur Radio Organisation (ORARI) will hold the World Emergency Communications Training to the Asia-Australia region. This is first time in history the event to be held in Indonesia. Communication exercises, known as the Global Simulated Emergency Test (GlobalSET) 2010 will be held on Saturday, May 15, 2010, for four hours from 11:00 to 15:00 pm. [...]

Strongest Growth for Indonesia

→  May 13, 2010 3

Indonesia’s economy probably expanded at the fastest pace in more than a year last quarter as record-low interest rates boosted consumer spending and exports and investment recovered. Gross domestic product grew 5.79 percent in the three months to March 31 from a year earlier, compared with 5.4 percent in the previous quarter, according to the [...]

Blackberry is King!

→  May 13, 2010 6

The BlackBerry is king… in Indonesia, anyway. It’s hard to go anywhere in Jakarta, the nation’s busy capital, without seeing someone using one of these ubiquitous smart phones. In the city’s shopping malls, the BlackBerry logo is advertised everywhere and sellers offer everything from the latest, the Blackberry Onyx, to much cheaper, older models. In [...]

Jakarta, The “Twitter Capital Of Asia”

→  May 13, 2010 3

When Indonesian Social Services Minister Salim Segaf Al-Jufrie was spotted driving his car in a dedicated bus lane in the capital Jakarta, he could scarcely have imagined the furore that would follow. An eagle-eyed resident snapped a picture of his transgression and posted it on the social networking site Twitter, where it was viewed by more [...]

Jellyfish Lake in Kakaban Island

→  May 12, 2010 1

Kakaban island is part of the Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The island has an area of 774,2 ha and is quite steep with limestone cliffs covered with dense jungle right down to the water’s edge and few beaches. The wall drops to 180 m and currents can be strong with upwelling, downcurrent and reversing directions. The [...]

The Champ Got World Recognition

→  May 11, 2010 3

Merantau is an Indonesian martial arts film released on August 2009,  introduces a variant of Silat called as “Silat Harimau” (Tiger Silat) and a Minangkabau (an area in West Sumatra, Indonesia) tradition called as Merantau (wandering about). This film had been released in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, and as far as I recall, it got satisfactory [...]

Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 3: Tires)

→  May 10, 2010 11

Have you checked your car/motorbike tires this morning before leaving home this morning? Well, have you ever noticed the brand of your tires? They’re probably GT tires. GT stands for Gajah Tunggal, one of  Indonesia’s global brands. Gajah Tunggal (GT) is the largest integrated tire manufacturer in Southeast Asia and produces and markets a full range [...]

Of Indonesia And Airbus A300

→  May 10, 2010 4

Airbus A330, is undoubtedly one of Airbus’ masterpiece, and well-marketed globally. It is a short to medium range, wide-body family of aircraft manufactured by Airbus between 1972 and the present. The A300 was the first twin-engined widebody airliner in the world. It inspired Boeing twins such as Boeing 767 and 777 and paved the way for [...]

All-Purposes-Vehicle Going Global

→  May 7, 2010 20

This APV is probably the most globally-marketed made-in-Indonesia vehicle. Developed in 2004, Indonesia has been sending this car to over 80 countries worldwide at 25,000 units each year, a striking number amid global economic downturn. The number is likely to go up following global recovery, and more people are more aware of this economical-yet-powerful vehicle. Malaysia, Singapore, [...]

Indonesia’s Gang Car

→  May 7, 2010 4

PT Indonesia AeroSpace (IAe) once developed a very cute mini car named Gang Car, Gang means a narrow streets between blocks. As Indonesia is getting ready to mass-produce many types of (independent )national cars, this Gang Car comes into surface again, and many have suggested that PT IAe should really consider to redevelop this type. [...]