A Big Start

→  May 20, 2010 2

Indonesia-based mining company PT Merukh Enterprises is diversifying into aviation and shipping by effectively trading millions of tons of metals for airplanes and ships in a transaction worth $10 billion. Owned by politician turned mining magnate Yusuf Merukh, the company on Friday signed a memorandum of understanding with China’s state-owned airplane producer Avic International Holding to [...]

World’s Oldest Tattoo Design

→  May 19, 2010 3

The term “Tattoo” is taken from the word “Tatau” in the language of Tahiti. Tattoo was first recorded by Western civilization in James Cook’s expedition in 1769. According to some researchers, the oldest tattoos found on Egyptian mummies from the 20th century BC. But, the art of body painting found in almost all parts of [...]

Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 5: Electronics)

→  May 19, 2010 8

I have been using POLYTRON electronic equipments since the 90’s, and to me, its quality is above Japanese, Korean brands. The power of POLYTRON is on its sound quality. I have been wondering, this brand is so good, who made it? Well, only few months ago, I got the confirmation from a very reliable source [...]

Malaysians Love Indonesia

→  May 19, 2010 17

Reforms have made the country an attractive destination for investors. Malaysian have been investing in a big way in Indonesia for more than a few years already. Here are some facts that you may find interesting: - Malaysian companies such as Sime Darby Bhd, IOI Corp Bhd, Kuala Lumpur Kepong Bhd (KLK) and Genting Plantations Bhd have [...]

Here, We Are Equal

→  May 18, 2010 3

A few days ago, I had no idea what the Gini Coefficient was. You probably don’t have a clue either other than what is in the headline. Imagine a country where the median income is something like $40,000 a year and the top 1% of the population earned 10 times that. This is known as income [...]

A Tale Of Two Volcanoes

→  May 18, 2010 4

In planetary terms, it was just a tiny pinprick that opened up last month underneath the Eyjafjalla Glacier in southern Iceland, when a long-forgotten volcano started to erupt again after a quiescence of nearly 200 years. But insignificant though the rent in the planet’s fabric may have been, uncounted millions have been suddenly affected by [...]

‘Pinocchio’ Frog Found

→  May 18, 2010 3

Biologists stationed in the Foja Mountains of Indonesia were fortunate enough to uncover a number of animals previously unknown to science, including one frog with an impressive schnoz. The frog’s nose, which has earned it the nickname Pinocchio, reportedly inflates while the creature sings. But unlike the other animals uncovered, the frog may have actually [...]

IAe Jumping Into Crowded Market

→  May 17, 2010 1

Indonesian Aerospace (IAe) is developing a new 19-seat aircraft, the N219. I spoke with the aircraft-maker’s director of aero-structure Andi Alisjahbana, who sent me these pictures of the aircraft. IAe already makes the CASA 212-200 under licence from Spain but the Indonesians are developing the N219 independently of CASA and argue that the Indonesian aircraft will not compete [...]

CFC, (Not From) California Fried Chicken

→  May 17, 2010 8

You will be surprised to know that one of Indonesia’s leading fast food store, California Fried Chicken (CFC) is not from California, it’s not even established in the US.  CFC was established in Jakarta in 1983, and now has 183 outlets nationwide. The food are cooked and packaged in corresponds to the taste of Indonesian and coupled [...]

Extended : Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 4: Tiles)

→  May 14, 2010 5

This is the 4th part of Indonesia’s global brands series. This time, let’s talk about tiles. ESSENZA I was once in a building construction site in Singapore when I found that the contractor used Essenza tiles for the flooring. Only this morning I found out that Essenza is purely Indonesian product, and have been exported to the [...]