He Survived And Is Now Lending His Hands

→  October 7, 2009 1

Related to the earthquake which destroyed some areas in West Sumatra, hereby,with relief, we inform you that one of the GNFI contributors, and the administrator of GNFI in Bahasa Indonesia (Berita Baik Dari Indonesia) , Willy Suryawan, survived the disaster and now is in good health. He is now working hard to help the victims [...]

Expansion To The Norse Land

→  October 6, 2009 0

PT Berlian Laju Tanker, Indonesia’s giant shipping company, is set to buy Norwegian shipping firm, Camillo Eitzen & Co, and plan to list its share in the Oslo bourse. Berlian Laju Tanker is said to consider of acquiring more overseas firms. Go get the world, Indonesia!

Makassar 2030

→  October 6, 2009 2

I visited Makassar, the capital city of South Sulawesi province, twice in 2007. That time, Makassar was very very very busy developing the city by building new roads, new toll highway, new gleamy airport, new high-rise building, largest indoor theme park in the world, new sea port, new sport centers, convention centers, new sea-reclamation project, [...]

The Flying Dutchmen

→  October 5, 2009 1

In Suvarnabhumi Airport of Bangkok, I met some Dutchs wearing beach costumes, and we made time to sip some coffees at one small coffee shop. I encourage myself to start a chat with them, “Dudes, Bangkok is nowhere close to any beach, and people stared at your costumes since you landed.” They started to laugh [...]

Surabaya’s New Icon

→  October 5, 2009 1

Ciputra, an Indonesian giant developer company has laid the first stone for the building of Surabaya newest icon, The Ciputra World Surabaya. Ciputra World Surabaya is the newest and the first commercial project of the Company. Ciputra World Surabaya is developed on an area of 7.7 ha and is situated at the gate of West [...]

Growing, Rising, And Shining Indonesia

→  October 5, 2009 0

The G-20 summit has just ended. There’s a clear scene now that G-20 is replacing the limited role of G-7, or G-8, secondly, it’s almost inevitable that Asian powers (plus Brazil) are set to replace the West power in global economic issues. Economist and investors have put the spotlight on two rising power from different [...]

[Updated with more pictures] Batik Now Officially Belongs To Indonesia!

→  October 3, 2009 2

First, congratulation to Indonesia! And thanks to UNESCO for making this possible for the world to acknowledge a world’s heritage from Indonesia. Long before the day of October 2, 2009 many people have actually known that Batik belongs and is part of Indonesian culture. And, this certification just made it even clearer. Not to mention the [...]

The True Hero Of G-20

→  October 2, 2009 0

It appears that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono understands what is the real crisis facing our planet. With the continuing popular obsession with global economic woes, most of the leaders attending last week’s G20 summit in Pittsburgh came prepared with more of the same, worn-out rhetoric about the need to fortify the world’s financial systems. Buoyed up [...]

Eternal Love Indonesia-Malaysia

→  October 1, 2009 4

Why we are where we are now? Malaysian and Indonesian history is so intertwined and our future is so closely linked that we are either hang together or hang separately. Weren’t we both part of the glorious kingdom of Sriwijaya in Sumatra and the Majapahit kingdom in Java? Wasn’t the founder of the Malacca Sultanate, Pramesyara, a [...]

Indonesian Hummer

→  October 1, 2009 4

I know you must be thinking that the vehicle escorting the military commander above is Humvee (or Hummer), a US-made military vehicle. Well, you are very wrong, dudes. The so-called jeep is named Bhirawa, a multi-purpose vehicle developed by Pupuk Kaltim, a huge company in East Kalimantan. Yes, it’s made by our Indonesian fellas. Congrats!