Indonesian TVs: Anytime, Anywhere

→  October 15, 2009 0

Calling all Indonesians all over the world, inviting all world citizens and netizens, you can now watch on real-time TV streaming of all Indonesian TV Channels, free. Go to and enjoy Indonesia right in front of you. Anytime, anywhere.

The Easiest Way

→  October 15, 2009 3

My niece SMS-ed me last weekend, something really raised my eye-brow, with smile. This is her SMS (translated from Bahasa Indonesia) : “Uncle, my teacher asked me in the class, on how to get Indonesia twice richer than now… in a fast way. Please help… SOS.” What a teacher, what a question! My niece is only 11 [...]

Anies Baswedan: From Jogja To The World

→  October 14, 2009 5

This is GNFI’s first pick for Indonesian president 2014. What do you say? _____________ At this stage, maybe not so many people in Indonesia are aware, that this nation has Anies Baswedan, a young nationalist, moderate-Muslim with global views, and the world pours him with praises and awards. Anies Baswedan, a Sundanese-born who grew up in the [...]

The Best Restaurants In Asia

→  October 13, 2009 0

Ku De Ta, BaliBali’s Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique and KuDeTa have been voted among the Top 10 Restaurant in Asia in the 2009 edition of the Miele Guide. At an award ceremony held in Singapore on September 30, 2009, Mozaic Restaurant was ranked #6 and KuDeTa #9 among the 10 dining venues considered the very best [...]

[GNFI Weekend Edition] Taking A Peek At Lombok

→  October 10, 2009 1

Dubbed as “unspoiled Bali” or “Bali’s sister island”, Lombok is (almost) everything Bali is not. But that is precisely what prompts many to visit the island. While it takes only 20 minutes of flying time for Garuda Indonesia’s Boeing 737-400 to bring you from Ngurah Rai airport in Bali to Mataram, the capital city of Lombok, [...]

[GNFI Weekend Edition] Everybody’s Friend

→  October 9, 2009 6

A friend of mine, just came back from South Korea for her scientific research, told me something really heartwarming. She said that Indonesia’s image in South Korea rises significantly, especially after Indonesia’s membership in the G20. Cool! Do they know that Indonesia economy will overpass them in 2016? I hope they don’t. Well, in all fronts, [...]

Admiring Brazil

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You may ask any given Indonesian, about Brazil, what you get is a simple answer, FOOTBALL. Brazil is undoubtedly a master in creating young football talents. No argue. Not so many people know that Brazil also has its own aircraft industry, in way bigger and more globalized than Indonesia’s aircraft industry. It’s EMBRAER (below), a [...]

Solomon Island: Why Not Indonesia?

→  October 7, 2009 8

Honiara, the capital city of Solomon Islands, cannot be reached directly from any city in Indonesia. You have only 2 options: you go to Brisbane (Aussie) then Honiara, or you go to Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea), then fly using Air Nugini. Most people in Honiara knows Indonesia, and they simple called it the… Australian [...]

Jessica Alba And Her Batik

→  October 7, 2009 15

Just got these pictures from one reader, and another from RI-54. Enjoy this beautiful sights of Jessica Alba rockin’ her Parang-motive Batik, a Jogjanese motive my mom always wants me to wear. These pictures were taken at Step-Up’s Fourth Annual Fashion Forward Luncheon in 2004. It was almost 5 years ago, long before  we have [...]

A More Globalized Batik

→  October 7, 2009 1

By Yudha Satya, GNFI Contributor Several designers combined the exotic East with modern Europe. Apparently, Tenun Ikat and Batik raised the stage in Paris. It was raining, when famous fashion house, Dries Van Noten launched the spring summer man collection 2010 at Palais de la Bourse last June. But the show must go on! Accompanied by sexy [...]