Admiring Brazil

Posted on October 8th, 2009 at 1:09 pm by Akhyari


You may ask any given Indonesian, about Brazil, what you get is a simple answer, FOOTBALL. Brazil is undoubtedly a master in creating young football talents. No argue. Not so many people know that Brazil also has its own aircraft industry, in way bigger and more globalized than Indonesia’s aircraft industry. It’s EMBRAER (below), a Brazilian world-class airline.

Embraer Legacy of Embraer fleet

There are more than 180 million Brazilians. The Portuguese-speaking republic is studded with global icons ranging from supermodel Gisele Bundchen and world soccer players Kaka, Ronaldo, to the Academy Award-winning film director Hector Babenco, architect Oscar Niemeyer and the pop star Xuxa.

Rambunctious, hedonistic and alive, Brazil has never lacked for admirers. Its rich natural resources, dynamic agro-based industry, and a burgeoning industrial base plus a diverse, vibrant society are Brazil’s greatest strengths — and the country has never been shy to exploit them.

What about Brazil GNFI wants to display here? It’s the way the stunned the world after the city of Rio De Janeiro stunned the world by winning the right to host the 2016 Olympics, out-classing the US. Brazil, has moved from a sleepy-nation into one of the most progressive and vibrant land. What about Indonesia?

Brazilian President (Lula), and Indonesian President (SBY)

Brazil, as with China, India and Indonesia, has emerged from the financial crisis remarkably unscathed. Brazil, and Indonesia, both have much-respected leader, Lula, and SBY. Indonesia has been booking a steady growth pace since 7 years back, and it is likely to grow further.

Indonesia, at least in 10-15 years to come, must be vigilant to propose to host the Olympic game. To me, apart from football, Brazil and Indonesia share many things in common, and there’s no reason accepted for not hosting the Olympic Games someday here, in Jakarta, or Surabaya, or even Makassar.

Indonesia, on the road to Olympic Games.

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