Anies Baswedan: From Jogja To The World

Posted on October 14th, 2009 at 8:08 am by Akhyari


This is GNFI’s first pick for Indonesian president 2014. What do you say?
At this stage, maybe not so many people in Indonesia are aware, that this nation has Anies Baswedan, a young nationalist, moderate-Muslim with global views, and the world pours him with praises and awards. Anies Baswedan, a Sundanese-born who grew up in the City of Students, Yogyakarta, is now running as the  President of Paramadina University, Jakarta, the youngest ever rector ever elected in Indonesia.

A wave of world admirations poured over him when the prestigious U.S-based Foreign Policy magazine included Anies in its list of 100 world public intellectuals in its May-June edition.

Anies, who received his PhD from Northern Illinois University, U.S., was placed among global pundits, including Samuel Huntington, Francis Fukuyama and Nobel laureates Al Gore and Muhammad Yunus.

Anies, extreme left, during presidential debate 2009 as moderator

Anies was also included in the Young Global Leader in World Economic Forum 2009. He said once during TV interview, that “Indonesia has more than enough intellectuals to be global leaders, only we need to show up and promote more.”

Anies has developed a special educational curriculum in his university called Anti-Corruption, the first ever in the world. His involvement in anti-graft campaigns started when he returned from the U.S. to work as a national advisor for the Partnership for Governance Reform, a respected NGO campaigning for good governance.

GNFI was impressed by the way he delivers his speech, which clearly shows his global views, long term vision, and intellectual brain. GNFI believes that he can be one of the strong candidates for this country leader if he can team up with another strong individual. He has all the need to be a leader: clean, strong, intellectual brain, global views, long term vision, world’s recognition, and performance. He only needs to do one thing, one tiring work, which is promoting himself to Indonesians.

Good luck!

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