Browsing And SMS-ing On Plane

→  June 17, 2010 4

Garuda to install IT facilities in aircraft next year PT Garuda Indonesia confirmed that it would equip its aircraft with in-flight information technology facilities in 2011 to improve its service to passengers. Passengers can then communicate through an internet service and also send short text messages. All new Garuda planes would be equipped with mobile technology and later all [...]

Boisterous, Bubbling Beauty

→  June 16, 2010 2

 For those who want to escape from the claustrophobic hustle and bustle of Jakarta for a while, a visit to the natural splendor of Garut regency in West Java, about six-hour’s drive from Jakarta via the Cileunyi toll road, may be the solution to soothe stressed-out city dwellers. The region offers travelers lush green mountains, rice [...]

What Do You Know About Indonesia Pavilion In Shanghai’s Expo World 2010?

→  June 15, 2010 8

Indonesia attended the expo world in Shanghai, China. Every nation got each pavilion so did Indonesia. Indonesia’s theme at this expo was called biodiversity city. Bamboo waterfall marked Indonesia Pavilion. The pavilion was designed on 4000 square meters area and located within zone B of the expo site. The exterior of the Indonesia Pavilion is covered [...]

The Rise and Fall of Gajah Mada

→  June 15, 2010 5

Hello GNFI readers, Here I am, a very new GNFI contributor, contemplating on what to write for my very first post. Then, I remembered that I have an assignment at school–a research paper on an Asian Achievement. Because I am attending an International School in China, everyone automatically chooses either a Chinese or Korean achievement. I, [...]

The Only Way of Indonesia is Up!

→  June 15, 2010 2

While the telecom services “growth market” focus has been on the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) nations in recent years, a new Pyramid Research report suggests the industry should be paying closer attention to Indonesia too. The report, “Indonesia: Rising Competition to Spur Telecom Revenue Growth,” reveals that there’s a marked under-penetration of most telecom services [...]

Open Wider for Foreign Investment

→  June 15, 2010 1

Indonesia has raised the foreign ownership limit on certain sectors, such as agriculture and health care, in a bid to lure investments, according to a presidential decree. The decree said the government will allow foreigners to hold up to a 49% stake in individual companies in the staple food plantation industry. Previously, [...]

More European Tourists to Come Into Indonesia

→  June 15, 2010 2

The opening of direct flight route from Indonesia to Europe recently following the lifting of travel ban on some of Indonesian airliners by the European Union is expected to boost the number of European tourist coming into Indonesia. Over one million foreign tourists from the territory are expected to come into Indonesia this year, higher than [...]

Internationally Known

→  June 15, 2010 4

Being the only Indonesian in my international middle and high school, I never really thought of anyone at school being even the slightest bit interested in Indonesia. The truth is, I couldn’t have been more wrong. First of all, my Social Studies teacher used to teach at Jakarta International School and he seems to be very, [...]


→  June 14, 2010 4

Five years ago, Garuda Indonesia was losing millions, and its nightmarish safety record later saw it banned from flying to European Union countries. Last week, however, the rejuvenated carrier marks a return to Europe, and is showing a healthy bank balance too. Aviation Correspondent KARAMJIT KAUR talks to the man credited with engineering the turnaround, [...]

Borneo’s Sharks And Rays

→  June 14, 2010 1

Which island of South-East Asia has the most stingray species in the world? According to the new book ‘Sharks and Rays of Borneo’, the island of Borneo has 30 different stingrays: not surprising for the most biologically diverse region on the planet. Dr Peter Last and Dr William White from the CSIRO Wealth from Oceans Flagship [...]