Indonesian Who Walks The Talk In UK

→  June 11, 2010 3

Visit this link to donate The Indonesian red and white flag and the Union Jack sticking from Berry Natalegawa’s backpack suggest the man is on a mission. But few people passing him striding purposefully along country roads would guess he is walking 700 kilometers from London to Edinburgh… on foot, by himself? Why on earth would someone plan [...]

Growth In The Pocket

→  June 11, 2010 2

Indonesia is yet another emerging market to have exploded out of the gates of the last recession. Over the last year, Indonesia’s ETF is up 45%. As with any developing market, there’s risk, but Indonesia is laying out the canvas for a bright future. Indonesia is blessed with a few characteristics that position it for a [...]

IMF Puts Indonesian Growth at 6 Percent in 2010, 2011

→  June 10, 2010 0

The International Monetary Fund on Thursday forecast Indonesia’s economic growth will accelerate this year amid improving investment and said the central bank may need to adjust its monetary policy if price pressures rise. The Fund also said after meetings in Jakarta with Indonesia’s central bank and other officials that recent capital outflows from Indonesia were likely [...]

7 Reasons To Fall In Love With Indonesia

→  June 10, 2010 6

By Anna Antoni (She is an Austrian) Negativity, discontentment, racism, catastrophy-focusing, no interest in strangers. All this I know very well from home in Vienna but in Indonesia you can find right the opposite in the national spirit. The Top 7 reasons to fall in love with Indonesia (for me it was love at first sight) deserve [...]

“Witam, Polska” (Hello, Poland)

→  June 9, 2010 3

For most Indonesians, the first thing crosses their mind when I mentioned about Poland (It’s Polandia in Indonesia) is..”same flag,upside down”. Some would say, Poland is a very beautiful country with rich cultural heritage. When German Nazi invaded Austria and Cekoslovakia, no body cared. But..when it invaded Poland, England and France then declared war against the German, [...]

Indonesia May Return To Net Oil Exporter By 2020

→  June 9, 2010 6

Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s biggest crude oil producer, may return to net exporter status by 2020 by increasing exploration and investment in the industry, a government official said. Indonesia pulled out of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries in 2008 as aging fields and declining output turned the nation into a net oil importer. Oil production averaged [...]

Is “Remarkable Indonesia” The New “Incredible India” For Investors?

→  June 8, 2010 5

I’ve written several posts about the innovation, entrepreneurship and promising Web audience I’ve found over several weeks of reporting in Indonesia. As such, friends in the venture capital business are peppering my inbox asking round-about-questions that all go back to the same central query: Should we be investing in Indonesia? The seatback pocket on my flight [...]

The Traditional Power Of Indonesia

→  June 8, 2010 7

The belief in the healing qualities of an ancient herbal medicine is as strong as ever in the Javan town of Yogyakarta By Sara Schonhardt 8 June, 2010 Jamu maker Ibu Siswu mixing together the bitter-tasting tonic called jamu in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Tucked deep in the heart of one of Indonesia’s Yogyakarta markets, Ibu Siswu sits surrounded by [...]

Defeating Terrorism: What Indonesia Can Teach The World

→  June 7, 2010 6

The arrests came as fast as drops of monsoon rain. On Feb. 22, more than 100 Indonesian special police raided a terrorist training camp deep in the jungles of Sumatra island. Within days they captured 14 suspected Islamic militants from a shadowy group called al-Qaeda in Aceh that was believed to have been planning an [...]

New C-130 And Submarines

→  June 7, 2010 8

* Plans to modernise some of its C-130s, buy another 10 * Looking to buy more submarines in a “couple of years” By Harry Suhartono and Nopporn Wong-Anan SINGAPORE, June 5 – Indonesia plans to increase the size of its submarine fleet over the next two years to defend its territory as well as protect international shipping lanes, [...]