Indonesia’s Very Own Coffee Shop

→  June 4, 2010 5

There are many coffee shops in Indonesia, upholding international brands, as well as Indonesian brands, ‘battling’ in malls, hangout places, shopping centers, tourism spots, etc. I have personally noticed that Indonesian homegrown coffee shops have been gaining momentum in grabbing more and more customers. To name a one, it’s Excelso. I seriously thought that it was [...]

Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 7: Guitar)

→  June 3, 2010 3

When asked about what genre of music I love most, rock is my utmost choice. Jazz falls #2. First time I fall in love with jazz music was when I attended a supposed-to-be-rock-concert-but-turned-to-be-mixed concert in my hometown sometimes in the mid of 90’s.  There was a song titled COLIBRI, and I eventually found that it [...]

Redefining Education…in a Tree House

→  June 3, 2010 8

At some point or another every kid has dreamt of living in something like the Swiss Family Robinson’s tree house; even fictional children like Bart Simpson. I think I could have settled for going to school there. And—fantastical as it seems—that’s exactly what the Green School in Bali feels like. A few weeks ago I wrote [...]

Indonesian – Top Asian Language On Facebook

→  June 3, 2010 5

Indonesian is the top Asian language used on Facebook and the fifth most popular in the world, according to a new study of languages used on the social networking site. More than 20 million Bahasa Indonesian speakers are now Facebook members, the survey by research company Inside Network found. English is the most common language, with over [...]

Indonesia One: Indonesia’s Presidential Aircraft

→  June 2, 2010 14

Indonesian government is ready to acquire Boeing Business Jet 2 (BBJ2) for presidential use. So far, the government chartered Garuda Indonesia and Pelita Air Service (PAS) to transport the president and his delegation everywhere on earth, which is proven to be inefficient in term of cost and operation. The Boeing business jet 2, is an evolution of [...]

150 Wealthiest Indonesians

→  June 1, 2010 3

A roaring stock market and easy access to credit have helped raise the net worth of the country’s super-rich to new highs. This trend will likely continue as the creation of wealth in Indonesia now takes on a new dimension. A year can make a huge difference in the life of a corporate owner, especially when [...]

Indonesia’s Man of the Year 2010

→  June 1, 2010 3

Hatta Rajasa’s appointment as Indonesia’s top economics minister raised a few eyebrows in investment circles. His political skills are undoubted but his economic policy understanding may need brushing up. In today’s highly charged political climate, however, Hatta’s political skills put him in a unique position to take the economy forward. Loyal, dedicated, eloquent and effective. These [...]

Sky-High Fashion: New Look For Garuda Indonesia Cabin Crew

→  June 1, 2010 22

Garuda Indonesia Introduces New Look for Cabin Crew. Garuda Indonesia launched new uniform designs at a public gathering held in the Hotel Indonesia Ballroom on Thursday, May 27, 2010. The new in-flight costumes for stewardesses will be inspired by the traditional kebaya with blue lereng batik sarongs complemented by a blue or turquoise Kartini-stlyled kebaya for the [...]