United By Kangaroo

→  March 3, 2010 2

Australia is always associated with Kangaroo, even they have more animals to be associated with. Kangaroo is very rare and ‘weird’ kind of animal, with a pocket at its tummy to carry along its babies, in addition to its 2 hands and movement by jumping instead of running. Not so many people know that Indonesia [...]

A New Wave Of Digitalpreneur

→  March 2, 2010 1

By RI_54 Today, the infrastructures of the telecommunications are getting well, as well as the internet access which getting easier and cheaper has triggered the growth of Indonesian entrepreneur in ICT. Let’s take a look on how mouth watering Indonesian digital market is. Based on 2009 data, Indonesia has 151.6 million (84% GSM) cellular user and expected reach [...]

An Indonesianized Mercedes Benz

→  March 2, 2010 16

Batik has been officially recognized by UNESCO as World’s Intangile Heritage from Indonesia. I still can clearly recall, millions of Indonesians celebrated the day of the recognition by wearing Batik nationwide, and until now, I see more and more people from younger generation wearing Batik esp on Fridays. In addition to that, international public figures [...]

Pandji Pragiwaksono: We Have To Start Believing

→  March 2, 2010 5

Pandji Pragiwaksono is currently enjoying popularity by hosting many TV programs broadcasted by some Indonesian TV stations. He is a very good and popular singer too (Please release more album, bro! And everybody, please support him!). On TV, he has never failed to make the audiences follow all his programs enthusiastically. He is young, energetic, [...]

Launched From Above

→  March 1, 2010 6

I am sure, the title of this entry makes you puzzled, well..i deliberately wanna attract your attention, coz it’s a very important thing to read . It’s about Air Launch System (ALS). As posted earlier, Indonesia will have spaceport (few countries have it), and it will be developed and maintained by Indonesia and Russia. [...]

The Unsung Hero

→  February 28, 2010 7

When he first started writing in akhyari.blogspot.com in March 2008, his intentions were simple. He just wants to let people know about the good things in Indonesia, the things that made him proud as an Indonesian, amidst all the negative and poor media review the world was shown. He was not looking for any recognition, [...]

One of the World’s Best Private Universities

→  February 25, 2010 3

In the U.S, private universities are deemed prestigious and highly regarded by the Americans for centuries as they have churned many great scientists, economists, business persons, politicians and also Nobel prize winners. Just mention you are a graduate from Harvard, Princeton, Yale and so on, and heads will turn. Ironically, that is not the same case [...]

Indonesian Math Wiz In Germany

→  February 25, 2010 5

An Indonesian teen stole media attention in Germany when he managed to create a complete pyramid equation that could even be used for up to infiniti numbers. Ibrahim Handoko (15), a polite teen who is also active in various activities of the mosque astounded his teachers with his finding. As reported by German news site www.derwesten.de, Michael [...]

Batik Museum Highlights National Treasure

→  February 25, 2010 5

There is no question that batik has become synonymous with Indonesian culture. The much-lauded traditional cloth traces its origins to a noble past and has endured over the centuries, recently being designated as world heritage by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. The Danar Hadi Antique Batik Museum in Solo is a good [...]

Deepest Bottom of Indian Ocean

→  February 25, 2010 3

The Indian Ocean is often thought of incorrectly as a tropical ocean. I was taught in my primary school that way. Well..check your map! It stretches southward all the way down to Antarctica. It is triangular and bordered by Africa, Asia, Antarctica, and, Australia. Although it covers about 28.5 million square miles, it is smaller [...]