Indonesian Math Wiz In Germany

Posted on February 25th, 2010 at 1:03 pm by Ian


An Indonesian teen stole media attention in Germany when he managed to create a complete pyramid equation that could even be used for up to infiniti numbers.

Ibrahim Handoko (15), a polite teen who is also active in various activities of the mosque astounded his teachers with his finding.

As reported by German news site, Michael Wallau, math teacher and counselor of Ibrahim, said Ibrahim was an extraordinary student.

“This is a remarkable finding for a 15-year-old teenager, moreover he only work on his research in his spare time,” Wallau said on

Initially, Ibrahim only meant to help his sister finish her school work on the pyramid formula. This problem is essentially to count the number of digits on top of a pyramid.

Usually, this problem is solved by adding one by one numbers in the pyramid to find the total volume of the pyramid. With Ibrahim’s findings, this mathematical problem can be solved faster and more precise without having to count one by one.

Thanks to his discovery, Ibrahim has been nominated as one of the best young researchers in 2010 in Germany. In addition to that, Ibrahim, son of the Mr. and Mrs. Budi Handoko, was also chosen as the best mathematic student and will be representing his district in mathematics olympiad at the natinal level next year.


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