President Received An Honorary Award

→  March 9, 2010 1

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, in Canberra, to accept the granting of a badge of honor “Honorary Companion of the Order of Australia” awarded by  the Commonwealth of Australia Governor-General Quentin Bryce AC. The award was made at the official residence of Governor-General in the “Government House” in Canberra, in a series of honorary state visit by [...]

Asia’s Top 8 Women 2009

→  March 9, 2010 7

As the world celebrates its 100th International Women’s Day, CNN takes a look at the key women who are shaping Asia’s political and economic landscape! Zhang Yin, China In the 1990s Zhang Yin decided to form a company to ship American scrap paper back to China to turn into cardboard boxes for export. It was a stroke [...]

Name Does Matter In Bali

→  March 9, 2010 4

If you’ve been following this blog you probably realised there are a ton of people in Bali called Made ( Ma day ), Nyoman and Putu. There’s a good reason for this. In Balinese culture if you are the first born ( male or female ) you will be called either Putu, Wayan or Nengah. [...]

Top 10 Wedding Locations In The World

→  March 6, 2010 10

Wedding is one of the most important days of our lives and all of us want the day to be perfect not only in the photographs but also in our memories.  In planning any wedding, the first thing that needs to be finalized is the location. If  wedding location choices are in your mind, there [...]

A Sulawesi Tribe Using Korean Writing System ‘Hangeul’ For Their Language

→  March 6, 2010 2

When you read the title, I bet you think it doesn’t sound much of a good news from Indonesia. Why in a random world they choose Hangeul (Korean characters) to write down their ethnic language? There are thousands writing systems in the world, and hundreds of them in Indonesia alone. But, to the best of [...]

Indonesian Dance In Japan

→  March 5, 2010 1

Two dance creations of Indonesia’s leading choreographer, Ery Mefri, from Nan Jombang Dance Company, will be staged at the Tokyo Performing Arts Market in 2010 and the International Showcase at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, 1-4 March in Tokyo, Japan. Before his departure to Tokyo, Ery Mefri said that a number of countries will be [...]

10 Of The World’s Best Surf Spots

→  March 5, 2010 6

Surf, Sea, and Sand. We have plenty of those in Indonesia. Like Pandji Pragiwaksono said to GNFI, We are the largest archipelago in the world! We got beaches everywhere! Agreed, Pandji. And so, we’re proud to see that not only one, but 2 of these beautiful beaches have made the cut to be in the Hotelclub Travel Blog’s list [...]

10 Things To Experience In Indonesia Before You Die

→  March 4, 2010 7

There are some rare things you might only find in Indonesia. You’ve gotta witness ‘em before you die. They are: 1. Cuddle a fuzzy orange Orang Utan Indonesia is home to the largest remaining habitat of Orang Utans in the world (in Sumatra & Borneo). 2. Witness the Green Turtle migrate from eastern Indonesia all the way to Australia 3. [...]

Ciputra Is Revamping Vietnam’s Most Advanced City

→  March 4, 2010 3

Few would argue if you say that Ho Chi Minh city is more developed than Vietnam’s capital city, Hanoi. Hanoi, located in the far north of Vietnam, has long been known as the administrative city instead of business or industrial one, and it is way different from that of Ho Chi Minh City (formely known [...]

Imagine This: 19 Billion Barrels Of Oil!

→  March 3, 2010 6

The potential of Indonesia’s geothermal energy is 27,710 megawatts (MW) or equivalent to 19 billion barrels of oil. The capacity presently installed is only 4.3 percent or 1,189 MW out of the 2025 geothermal energy development target which was set at 9,500 MW. The development target will be set according to the Presidential Decree No. 5/2006 on [...]