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Everyone Can Go To Europe!

→  December 31, 2010 0

Among Indonesians, Europe is too famous. So many people dream of going to Europe, be it for backpacking, a study, watching Champions League final game, Paris self-photoshoot, and many more reasons or even no reason at all. And this guy is just straight random. Meet Erditya Arfah! He has no artistic background, no singing, no dancing, [...]

[Update: Donations as of 01/01/11] 2010 Year End Charity Project: Reading Centers for Kids!

→  December 13, 2010 0

[Update 3: 01/01/11] As the year 2010 ended, we have collected as much as Rp495,000.00 and $60.00 donations for the project, and GNFI decided to donate along Rp300,000.00 and $30.00, making a total donations of about Rp1,578.000.00 ($1 = Rp8,700). Although the initial deadline has ended and we weren’t able to reach our dream goal [...]

Donations For Mentawai Tsunami Victims

→  November 5, 2010 0

As we all might have known, one of the best surf spots in the world, the island of Mentawai was swept off by a tsunami on October 25, 2010. [Update 11/4/10] GNFI local team in Mentawai reported so far 450 died, 66 missing, 499 lightly and heavily injured, and 15,000 refugees. It’s reported that food supplies is [...]

[UPDATED: Pics, Latest Conditions] Donations For Jogja Merapi Victims

→  October 30, 2010 1

Guys, we’ve read the stories about what happened in Jogja. Houses burnt down, villages destroyed, cattle died, victims fell, city covered by volcanic ash.  And Merapi does not seem to have stopped erupting just yet. Photos (1-8): A van wracked by hot clouds, The standing still masjid, A cow died from burning, Volunteers evacuate Merapi victims, [...]

[Compilation] Indonesia’s Global Brands (Part 1-15)

→  October 1, 2010 1

Up to date, GNFI has featured 15 different products of Indonesian brands that are sold worldwide. Now, just like those very famous rock bands that release a best compilation album, GNFI would like to post an Indonesia’s Global Brands compilation. We really hope that this list will give you another insight of how potentially good [...]

Harris Hotel & Resorts Goes Mobile

→  September 29, 2010 0

One of hotel chains in Indonesia, HARRIS Hotel & Resorts, recently launched their mobile booking application. This move adds to the online based business that I believe will be a really busy market very soon. Progress like this can be seen positively as more and more people start utilizing online services (especially mobile apps), Indonesian information [...]

Indonesian Student Wins International Award For Laser Plasma Research

→  September 25, 2010 2

Ali Khumaeni, an Indonesian student currently studying at Fukui University in Japan, received the highest honor at an international conference on Sept. 17 for his breakthrough in the field of laser plasma spectroscopy. He accepted the award for the best paper at the 6th International Conference on Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy held in Memphis, Tennessee. The conference is [...]

Two New Species Of Orchid Found In Indonesia

→  September 25, 2010 0

Indonesia’s abundant biodiversity has once again been highlighted with the discovery of two new species of orchid in Kalimantan. An article on the new orchids belonging to the Dendrobium calcariferum section was published in the September edition of Malesian Orchid Journal by Destario Metusala, from the Indonesia Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Peter O’Byrne, an orchid expert [...]

New Book Honors Indonesia’s Band Of Eco-Heroes

→  September 25, 2010 0

As government officials struggle for a response to the complex problem of climate change, regular people are already fighting the good fight, Emil Salim, a prominent environmentalist, said on Tuesday. Emil, a former environment minister and current special adviser to the president, was speaking at the launch of the book “Indonesian Eco Heroes.” Written by Globe Asia [...]

Indonesia, Mestinya Bisa Lebih Baik: Budayaku, Indonesiaku

→  September 7, 2010 7

GNFI telah sampai detik ini meng-echo dalam bahasa Inggris berita-berita baik dari penjuru negeri agar dunia bisa melihat Indonesia dari sisi yang lebih terang dan agar masyarakat Indonesia bisa merasa lebih optimis akan bangsa ini. Kali ini, GNFI ingin mengajak pembaca semua untuk melihat lagi kondisi bangsa Indonesia dan berbagi visi dalam seri tulisan analisa [...]