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Indonesian Educator As UNESCO Administrative Group Member

→  February 2, 2010 1

Indonesian educator, Professor Dr. Arief Rachman, was elected as a member of the Administrative Group on International Education Council of the UN Agency for Education and Cultural Affairs (IBE-UNESCO) for a term of two years. The election took place at the 59th Session of the IBE-UNESCO, held in Geneva, Switzerland, 27-29 January 2010. According to the [...]

Rachel Bilson And Her Batik

→  October 24, 2009 2

Yeah, this O.C. cutie was spotted wearing batik (looks like a daster?) while shopping at a boutique in LA, California, past February 2009. Probably she jumped to Jogja or someone had started selling batik at a street vendor in LA just like at Malioboro. Seems like the Parang batik made a hat-trick in Hollywood already [...]

Densus 88 Has Finally Stopped Noordin M Top

→  September 20, 2009 2

GNFI was intensely waiting until the whole process of victim identification was completed with supporting evidence to release this good news. And as confirmed through a DNA test by the Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) of Republic of Indonesia Police Headquarter, reported on (Saturday, September 12, 2009), we feel convinced that the one of the [...]

824 Villages Connected

→  September 1, 2009 0

This is made possible by Telkomsel; 824 out of 1.695 villages in West Sumatra are now connected in a communication and information network. The project is part of a government program, Universal Service Obligation (USO). The whole project itself plans to cover 24.051 villages in Sumatra, Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, and Borneo. One thing that will [...]

More Medals From Biology

→  August 27, 2009 2

By  RI_54 The Merah Putih team succeeded in presenting one gold medal in the 20th International Biology Olimpiad that took place in Tsubuka, Japan on July 12-19 2009. Apart from the gold medal, the team that had a membership of 4 Senior High School students also succeeded to bring one silver medal and one bronze medal. The [...]

64th Anniversary of Republic of Indonesia

→  August 16, 2009 5

The entire family of GNFI Network truly wishes that Indonesia becomes a multi-dimensionally better nation. We will always stand by its side and do our best to make it shine. Let’s unite, Indonesia!

Sandhy Sondoro Is The New Wave 2009

→  August 5, 2009 18

One more Indonesian proves it that Indonesia has just too much great things to simply overlook. Sandhy Sondoro has recently championedInternational Contest of Young Pop Singer “New Wave 2009”, the biggest international pop competition in the Eastern Europe. Curious to know more about this newborn world singer? Check out his interview exclusive on Radio PPI Dunia [...]

Singo Lodoyo Conquering America

→  August 3, 2009 4

Yes, Reog Ponorogo has conquered America and even the world. This might not be the freshest news anymore, but still worth knowing. Singo Lodoyo, a Washington (D.C.)-based Reog group, has numerous times championed world cultural festivals in the eastern coast of the United States. In 2008 they wowed the audience at the 4th of July Independence [...]

Merah Putih Is Up!

→  July 26, 2009 2

The trailer of Indonesia’s most anticipated colossal war movie, Merah Putih, has been released. Supported by a highly qualified team of Hollywood film makers, this movie is a must see. And you can expect an international standard in it. We all hope this movie will refresh our nationalism at a new level. After all the [...]

Indonesia Unite!

→  July 21, 2009 5

GNFI hereby calls to all Indonesians all over the world to unite. Let’s show the world what we really are capable of! Join forces at now!