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World’s Biggest Geothermal Energy Forum

→  April 28, 2010 6

Indonesia is hosting what is being called the world’s biggest geothermal energy conference. The congress in Bali is an attempt to look at how to better develop geothermal power as an environmentally friendly fuel for the future. Geothermal power is energy extracted from the heat stored in the Earth, and environmentalists say it could be the key [...]

Unikom’s 114DU Defended Its Title In Robogames 2010

→  April 28, 2010 1

Robotics Team Indonesia from Indonesian Computer University (Unikom) Bandung successfully defended their title as champion with a gold medal for the open category of fire fighting autonomous robot with 114 DU at RoboGames 2010 held in San Mateo County Event Center, the United States on April 24 to 25 2010. The competition, previously named ROBOlympics, was [...]

Taiwanese Investor May Build $2.8 Billion Petchem Center In Indonesia

→  April 28, 2010 1

JAKARTA -(Dow Jones)- A Taiwanese investor is looking to outlay $2.8 billion to build a petrochemical center in Indonesia, Coordinating Minister for the Economy Hatta Rajasa said Thursday. Without naming the investor, Rajasa said that the company is currently looking for a 200-hectare piece of land to build the project. The [...]

Singo Lodoyo Once Again Amazed America!

→  April 25, 2010 4

Singo Lodoyo USA, an Indonesian  community specialized in performing Reog Ponorogo in the United States, had come out victorious last year in the US4th July Independence Day festival n Washington, DC. On April 15, 2010 they once again amazed American and international audience at the famous annual Cherry Blossom festival in the heart of Washington, DC [...]

The World’s Smallest Sea Horse Found In Indonesia

→  March 16, 2010 1

Hippocampus satomiae, little bigger than a pea, has been found on reefs in Indonesia. Little bigger than a pea, the smallest known sea horse, Hippocampus satomiae, was discovered at a depth of about 15 meters on reefs in Indonesia, from Derawan island to northern Sulawesi and Borneo. Like other pygmy sea horses, its size and camouflage [...]

The Czechs Love ‘Laskar Pelangi’

→  March 15, 2010 6

I am, admittedly, a HUGE fan of ‘Laskar Pelangi’ tetralogy books written by Andrea Hirata and the movie versions produced by MILES FILMS. When ‘Sang Pemimpi’ opened in movie theaters, I was so excited that I flew to Indonesia from KL to catch it on the very first day! I bawled like a baby when in [...]

Indonesia To Supply Footballs For 2010 World Cup

→  March 15, 2010 4

Indonesia soccer ball producer, PT Sinjaraga Santika Sport (Triple S), will supply some 200,000 footballs for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, China’s Xinhua news agency cited a local media as reporting here on Friday. “The intensive process to produce the soccer balls for the upcoming World Cup is underway at the moment. We are [...]

Indonesia’s Surprise Success Story

→  March 10, 2010 2

Many countries are going badly. Indonesia was always going to be one. Or so we thought. It’s turned out to be one of the surprise success stories. For Australia, Indonesia was always the dark zone of dread, where bad things happened with worse to come. This wasn’t entirely baseless. Soekarno’s communist demagoguery was real. The brutal [...]

The 1st Biggest Loser Asia is an Indonesian!

→  March 10, 2010 2

After five months of rigorous training, Indonesian David Gurnani shed more than 80kg to become the very first Biggest Loser Asia, defeating competitors Aaron Mokhtar, Carlo Miguel and Martha Lai at the live taping of the reality show’s finale at the National Film Development Corporation (Finas) yesterday. At the final weigh-in yesterday, Gurnani (nicknamed King David [...]

A Sulawesi Tribe Using Korean Writing System ‘Hangeul’ For Their Language

→  March 6, 2010 3

When you read the title, I bet you think it doesn’t sound much of a good news from Indonesia. Why in a random world they choose Hangeul (Korean characters) to write down their ethnic language? There are thousands writing systems in the world, and hundreds of them in Indonesia alone. But, to the best of [...]